9 Qualities To Look For In A Man Before Marriage

Qualities to look for in a man before marriage are same as the qualities of a good husband. Choosing a male human being to share the rest of your life with is a critical decision. You should be looking at the positives that you wish your would-be must have. At the same time, you should also look at your positives and see how both the positive traits can get along well to form a successful family life together.

Qualities to look for in a man – 
His family and friends – If you decide to be a housewife then you will be spending more time in the day with his family members, than him. So, your understanding and balance with his family members is of utmost importance. His friends circle will give you a clear hint about his nature.

Culture – His culture should be matching with your culture and background. Even if it is an inter-caste marriage, you need to make sure that there are no major differences in the two cultures.

Bad Habits – This should be the first point to tick. If he is a smoker, then your health, quality of his sperm and semen, health of the future baby and health of whoever lives in the home are at risk of heart disease, genetic disorders, cancer and so on.

If he drinks alcohol occasionally, in moderate quantities, then he will be enjoying health benefits of alcohol.
But if he has lesser control over himself and gives in to the alcohol habit, then he will suffer from bad effects of alcohol consumption.
If you find ‘bad habits’ as the only negative in the guy, then help him quit alcohol and smoking , before marriage OR quit him.

Love – 
His love towards you can be guessed by his love towards his friends and family. Mutual love towards each other is the foundation and fuel for the relationship. Usually love is exhibited by –

  • the way he talks with you
  • approach towards you
  • concern and interest about you, your hobbies, your feelings and your health.

Quick tips – 
His love after marriage is actually sixty percent of his love shown to you before marriage. Not that he changes after marriage. He will have to distribute his focus on financial aspects, about other members of family etc. So, quantify your expectations carefully.

Do not measure his love by the price tag of gifts. He may entirely stop gifting you after marriage, since he has emptied his pocket purchasing them, before marriage.

A few questions to analyze him – 

Is he a good listener?  It gives a hint towards his level of patience.

Does he say he loves his parents much? If he says so, you are very lucky. He knows how to respect elders. He knows values of a family.

Does he use abusive language?  Not that all who use abusive words are bad. But it can be a subtle hint towards his character.

What is his attitude towards other girls? Suppose you two are talking and suddenly he sees a good looking lady and if he utters something about that girl on-the-spur-of-the-moment, that can give a good hint about his loyalty.

His attitude about future – If it is too much positive, then either he really is a positive guy, or he is desperate to show himself as positive.

His overall looks, clothing and gestures give a hint about what a kind of a man he is.

His patience level and forgiveness counts if you have short temper problem.

At the end of the day, marriage is not about a man with all the good qualities, or meeting a woman with all the good qualities.

Marriage is about hitting the balance between good and bad qualities of both.

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  1. Apart everything the most important quality of any man is the amount he is earnings. Sometimes we are not realistic and always say that women run after rich people, but on the other hand it is a fact that only man with nice habits but no shelter to keep you safe can only lead you to separation.


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