How To Quit Smoking And Alcohol – Three Effective Techniques

Smoking and alcohol addictions are hard to quit. These two habits not only have adverse effects on health of the person, but also affect the people around them. It requires a very strong mind and firm resolution to quit smoking and alcohol. Many people try hard to overcome these habits, but fail due to lack of a trained mind. There are three methods to train the mind so that it starts hating the habits of smoking and alcohol.

Promise method
Promise that you have completely stopped alcohol and smoking with a person (or persons) –

  • whom you see and meet many times a day
  • who are free from alcohol and smoking habits
  • who are loving and caring towards you
  • whom you respect.

This trains your mind to develop a sense of scare – ‘What will happen to my reputation, if I am caught red handed?’

Self message method
Everyday, soon after getting up and before going to bed, sit straight on the bed, place the right hand over the heart, and say loudly, 10 times –
“I am proud because I have quit smoking and alcohol’

If you are yet to stop them fully, then say –
“I am proud because I have reduced smoking and alcohol”.

This sends positive message to your heart and mind.

Assign a work method
Whenever you feel like smoking or having alcohol,

  • just get up from your chair and go outside for fresh air
  • drink a cup of tea or coffee
  • have a small chocolate
  • talk to your friend on phone.
  • Eat a biscuit
  • do five push-ups
  • do five sit-ups
  • read a page of your favorite magazine.

If you can control yourself for that one tempting moment, trust me you will be a winner.

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