Natural Herbal Home Remedies – Benefits, Precautions

Natural herbal home remedies are one of the effective ways to help fight diseases and maintain health. When used with discretion and intelligence, herbal home remedies can even be life-saving. Here is a look at the different ways how natural remedies can be helpful to you.

Benefits of herbal remedies

1. During illness, when consulting a doctor is delayed, then use of herbal remedies is the best way to keep the symptoms under control.

2. Along with medicine –  During some illnesses, herbal home remedies help to cure the disease along with medicines. But here, special care is to be taken while choosing the herbal remedy because a few herbs react with certain allopathic medicines.  Eg: Amla recipe is useful as a home remedy for premature ejaculation

3. After recovery from illness –  Some diseases leave you tired and debilitated. Herbal remedies help you regain health, strength, digestive capacity, restoration / correction of functionality of organs affected.

4. Chronic illnesses – For diseases requiring treatment for long time, herbal remedies helps in many ways.

  • Home remedies helps to keep the symptoms of the diseases under control.  Eg: Home remedies for ulcerative colitis helps to keep the bleeding with faeces under check.
  • Home remedies helps to relieve the side effects of allopathic medicines.
  • To restore strength.

5. In healthy person, 

  • Herbal remedies are helpful to negotiate health effects of seasonal change on health.
  • Home remedies helps in proper growth and normal functioning of body organs and systems. Eg: Home remedy to improve eating habits in children.
  • Home remedies helps to relieve minor health complaints such as constipation, acne, common cold , minor wounds etc. Eg: Home remedy for wound  helps to relieve wound pain and itching.
  • Home remedies helps to improve immune system. Eg: Home remedy used in children help to improve immune system.

Overall, use of natural remedies is a great way to maintain good health. But choice of the remedy should be made with special care and knowledge. It is always better to seek expert advice while choosing a home remedy for yourself.

Precautions to consider

Precautions while taking herbal home remedies – 

1. Do not use home remedies as replacement to regular medicines 
It is better not to replace regular medicines with home remedies. In case of herbal remedies, fixing the dosage, quantifying the efficacy is relatively difficult.

2. Be careful while trying multiple herbal remedies 
Two herbs or herbal combinations may react with each other to exhibit mutually promoting or opposing health effects. Hence special care needs to be taken.

3. Consult a herbalist
We are never the best judge for our own health. I too consult my colleagues for my health conditions. Hence it is always better to consult an herbal specialist. An herbal doctor herbalist will be having the knowledge regarding –

  • Active components and mode of action of herbs / herbal combinations.
  • Probable reactions and  side effects of natural remedies
  • Probable interaction of herbal remedies with allopathic medicines
  • Suitability of herbal remedies as per age, health condition, body constitution and disease.

4. Reveal about home remedies to your allopathic doctor – It helps the doctor to make the right choice of medicines with the right dose. Some herbs react with medicines, either positively or negatively.

5. Do a research yourself  – After your herbal expert has suggested herbs for you, do a research and get to know more about those herbal remedies. Feel free to discuss your doubts with the herbal doctor.  A genuine herbal / ayurvedic doctor will always be open to questions.

6. Take herbal remedies in an proper manner
Taking herbal medicines before food will have different effects on the body when compared to taking herbs after food.

Taking herbal remedies with cold water will have different effect on the body when compared to taking them with hot water.

Eating fruits before or after herbal remedies will have different effect when compared to having meals before or after herbs.

Taking Ayurvedic remedies  in the morning will have a different effect on health when compared to taking them in evening.

Same herb can exhibit different actions on different persons and in different health conditions.

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