6 Must Do Things For Women After Forty

Till thirty years, the female body will be on the path of construction or build-up. The growth of body tissues will be complete. So the body will have its own power to fight back to normalcy, so also the mind. The strength will prevail till forty. It is at forty that there is a need of special care to re organize the lifestyle for better living, because 

1.This is the transition between growth and degeneration.

2. There is still a good 5-6 years before menopause, where body and mind has to go through hormonal changes.

3. The body needs to prepare itself to avoid BP, diabetes, cardiac problems and other such health complications in future.
Considering these,  the following things are advisable for women over forty.

1. Physical activity – Be it in the form of Yoga & Pranayama, Gym, dance, sports or mere walking, it is high time to take up some or the other sort of physical activity.
Reason – Physical activity will improve the glucose tolerance, the muscles will be active, so also the mind, heart will also be maintained in a good condition.

2. PranayamaPranayama will not only improve your breathing and respiratory health, it boosts your mind power and concentration.

3. Stricter lifestyle – It was okay to neglect health issues and  prioritize work, family etc, but not any more. Try to wake up early in the morning, have regular timings for food and sleep.

4.  Watch what you eat – Curbing on too salty, spicy, oily and junk food is a must. Like I said, it is high time to prioritize health over every other thing.

5. Have clear defined relationships – It is time to calm down and get settled in life with friends and family. It is the time to stabilize your relationship and life. It is very necessary for a better life ahead.

6. Hobbies – Till this time, you have been dedicating your life to your family members and friends, but in case if  you have your own wish to start something afresh, to achieve anything… any unrealized dreams, it is the time to chase your dreams. It is to self-prioritize. Drawing, music, dance, arts, musical instruments?  a blog about you know something? writing, speeches and seminars? GO FOR IT NOW!

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