Reiki Healing And Ayurveda – The Hidden Relationship Between Sciences

Reiki healing is classified under alternative system of medicine. Here is an attempt to compare reiki  with Ayurvedic method of approach to treatment and healing. 

What is reiki ?

  • Reiki uses “palm healing” as its method of treatment. It believes that spiritual energy transferred through the  healer’s palm heals the ailment in the patient. Here healing is achieved both by physical and spiritual effects.
  • Though there is no direct reference of this technique in Ayurveda, Ayurveda uses the ‘touch technique’ in various contexts of diagnosis and treatment.
  • “Sparsha” – examining the patient by touching (percussion) is explained in Ayurveda as one of the method of examining the patient.
  • The Ayurvedic treatment procedures such as Abhyanga (oil massage), Udwartana (powder massage), etc are explained to be done with palms of the therapists.
  • Ayurveda explains that one of the ways in which the Knowledge flows from Guru to Shishya (student) is through “Hasta Mastaka Yoga” – by the touch of the Guru on the forehead of the Student. It signifies that Ayurveda believes in transfer of energy through touch.
  • Ayurveda explains “Chaya” and “Prabha”  –  the Aura that surrounds the body.  Bhrajaka type of Pitta is responsible for this.
  • Ayurveda also approves of the existence and significance of “Shat Chakras” –  the six chakras. So does Reiki.
  • Mardana – is a type of Ayurvedic massage done with palms.
  • It is important for the doctor to touch the patient while conversing / examining or assuring. It really does bring confidence in the patient.
  • Soon after birth, the newborn baby is made to sleep beside its mother with skin contact. This is called as ‘bonding’ technique.

How does reiki work?

As per my personal opinion, reiki works in one /many / all of the following ways.

1. SpiritualBy the transformation of spiritual energy from the healer to the patient.

2. Physical – The physical effect of touch helps in

a. relaxing and un-knotting the muscles  and bones, helping in relieving pain.

b. stimulation of organs and glands

c. inhibiting of secretions / activities of hyper-active organs or glands

d. relieving the obstruction to the flow of energy /fluids / impulses.

3. Mental – The touch therapy brings about confidence, assurance, relaxation, sense of being cared in the mind of the patient.

Overall, Reiki is an impressive useful method of healing when it is practiced by an expert.

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