Are You Too Much Obsessed To Take Supplements?

This article tries to put a question to you – are you taking too much supplements?

Consider an example here –

Linda* aged 42 is a software professional. Her doctor has put her on medication to avoid menopausal complications that she may face in her near future. Thinking of this, she also looked into an herbal supplement advertisement and started taking that as well for her future menopausal care.  Another advertisement tought her that she might need a supplement for thyroid care, for thyroid complication that she may develop in future… One more medicine,for any possible bone mass degeneration problem that she may face in future. She was feeling a bit stressed by her office work off late, so she started to pop a pill for that as well.  So, on a continuous basis, she has been adding one after the other medication / supplements to her daily list.
Consider these health tips – Of course, what your doctor prescribes to you is really very very important and you are expected to take the medicines / supplements. But there is no need for any supplements, IF,

1. You are totally convinced with the explanation of the healthcare service provider that the product is very necessary for you to take.

2. You think that a simple rest, a day off from work, a good night sleep, a few days tour, change of work, get together party with friends, a good- mind refreshing movie would not be sufficient to get rid of the tiredness / headache / stress / sleep disturbance that you might be feeling.

3. You think that necessary changes in diet and life style might not be good enough to get rid of the health problem that you are suffering from.

4. You completely know how to use supplements.

Please remember – your body has a natural way to combat little health problems. Just give your body a chance to fight back that little knee pain,  once in a while sleeplessness, loss short-term memory, feeling stress for a small period of time, a little back pain due to working hard for hours together  etc.

Clarification – I am not advising you to stop all the supplements / medication. I only am suggesting to choose the ones, that you need it very badly and stop considering new products.. just going by the advertise or without being totally convinced by your health care service provider.  THINK, before you TAKE.

*- Name and example are fictious and  not real.

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