Severe Bloating And Gas? Ayurvedic Herbal Home Remedies

Severe bloating pain often disrupts the daily routine of many. The problem of feeling bloated looks very simple in the outlook, but the problem can be very embarrassing and often very chronic and painful.


  • heavy meals
  • stress and emotional upsets, depression
  • medicines
  • caffeine
  • Alcohol and smoking
  • Excessive spicy foods
  • Aerated drinks and colas
  • Not drinking sufficient water during a meal
  • Peptic ulcer and gastritis
  • Bloating can also occur as a symptom of pre menstrual syndrome.

Home remedies

These are some home remedies you can inculcate to reduce bloating:
• Chew on half a teaspoon of cumin seeds until they become a paste in the mouth, then swallow with a glass of warm water.
• Infuse a teaspoon of equal parts ground cardamom and fennel seeds in a glass of boiled water and drink
• Try slowly chewing on a thin slice of fresh ginger with a pinch of rock salt five to ten minutes before meals to help encourage digestion and avoid bloating.
• Boiled Ash gourd with jaggery relieves bloating
For Tinnitus:
• Take warm food, moderately heavy in texture, add butter and fat. Sweet and sour tastes are desirable.
• Reduce dry foods and bitter tasting foods. Use warm or hot water and drinks. Raw nuts and nut butters.
• Useful Spices: cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, ginger, cloves in moderation.
• Consumption of caffeine, nicotine, or cocaine can disturb the prana vayu leading to tinnitus hence avoid it.
• Drinking a cup of fenugreek seed tea each morning, noon, and night is reported to abolish disturbing ear noises.
• Do not stop natural urges when the body wants to eliminate the wastes.
• Use oil massage using Sesame oil or Mahanarayan Tailam for about 20 minutes to the whole body and take hot water bath thereafter. The massage and bath just before bedtime will aid the sleep also.

Ayurvedic explanation

Ayurveda explains that Samana type of vata is responsible for the normal movements of the stomach and intestines. It also controls the amount of digestive fire (Pachaka Pitta). Vitiation of Samana vata causes a disturbance in the normal movements, leading to impaired digestion, bloating and gas formation.

Ayurvedic herbal remedies

GANDHARVAHASTHADI KASHAYAM TABLET- Useful in gas trouble, lower back pain, lack of appetite and constipation.

DASAMOOLA HARITAKI – herbal confectionary (jam)
A renowned medicine in all types of gas troubles in the abdomen, piles, oedema, constipation, disorders of spleen and heaviness of the body. It is a mild laxative.
It helps in the normalization of movement of the stomach and intestines. thus avoiding the reflux of gastric content or gas formation.

SUKUMARAM LEHYAM herbal confectionary (paste)
A very effective medicine for gas trouble, constipation, and problems relating to the uterus.

Lavan Bhaskar Churna–  an effective remedy against bloating, and gastritis.

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