Feeling Tired? Ayurvedic Natural Rejuvenation Therapy – Herbal Remedies

Feeling tired and fatigued throughout the day may cause early ageing and many degenerative disorders like arthritis, stress, depression, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Diabetes etc.

Fatigue symptoms

How to know if you have fatigue?

1. Though your body is perfectly healthy, you feel tired throughout the day.
2. Though you are completely healthy,  you lose concentration very quickly.
3. Though the doctor says you are alright, you feel something is wrong inside.
4. You choose to rest at home than to go for parties even during weekends.
5. Weakness, lack of energy, tiredness and exhaustion. The doctor says your heart and blood-related reports are normal.


 Fatigue causes

Causes of fatigue can be – Lack of sleep, Changing work shifts, Excessive alcohol intake, Anxiety, Depression,  Grief etc.
Disease-related fatigue is also seen in many conditions like AIDS, Tuberculosis, hepatitis etc.
So regular rejuvenation therapy at a young age will help you fight fatigue and tiredness effectively.
Rejuvenation therapy involves two processes – One is getting rid of body toxins and strengthening & energizing the body cells and tissues.

Benefits of rejuvenation

– Improved immunity power
– Increased natural antioxidants in the body and decreased free radicals.
– Improved lifespan of body tissues, blood cells, bones, heart, lungs, kidneys etc. and
– Overall improvement in health and ability to fight diseases.

Ayurveda has explained the concept of rejuvenation with the term Rasayana.
Ayurveda Says –
Deergham ayu, smruti medha arogyam tarunam vayaha |
Prabhavarna Swara audarya dehendriya balapradam ||
Vak siddhi vrushataam kaantim avapnoti rasayanat |
Laabhopaayo hi shastaanaam rasaadeenaam rasayanam || – Ashtanga Hrudayam

It means, by rasayana or rejuvenation treatment, one will have a long life, improved memory power, intelligence, health, youth and long life. There will be improved skin complexion, voice, digestive capacity and sense organ strength.  Person will have improved aura.
There are many herbal combinations having excellent rejuvenation properties, among which the Brahma Rasayana stands first. It’s purely a herbal preparation.

Brahma rasayana

Key ingredients:
Shankhapushpi (Clitoria ternatea), Vacha (Acorus calamus) – Excellent memory enhancer, improves the speaking capability
Amla (Indian gooseberry) – Excellent rejuvenator and anti oxidant.
Dashamoola, Pippali (Piper longum), Ela (Elttaria cardamomum)  Twak (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) – improves the strength of respiratory system
Guduchi (Indian tinospora) – Powerful immunomodulator herb
Shatavari (Asperagus racemosus) – good for male and female reproductive systems and for gastric complaints.
Haridra  – highly recommended anti allergic agent. good for skin, lungs and fights against cancer.
Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa), Ikshu(Saccharum officinarum), Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris), Musta (Cyperus rotundus), Usheera (Vetivaria zizanioides) – cleanses and rejuvenates kidneys and bladder.
Bala  – improves overall strength,
Vidanga – fights against toxins and micro organisms, bacteria
Along with these, Brahma rasayana also contains Bimbi (coccinea indica – fights against fever), Jivanti (Holostemma annulare – a rejuvenator), yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra) etc herbs.
Which acts synergistically on the body to bring about overall rejuvenation benefits.

Brahma rasayana Benefits:
Brahmanaa vihitam dhanyamidam praashya rasaayanam ||
Tandraa shramaklama vali palitaamaya varjitaaha |
Medhaasmrutibalopetaa babdhoovuramitaayushaha ||  – Ashtanga Hrudaya Uttara sthana – 39/22-23.

This herbal recipe has been prescribed by Lord Brahma. It rejuvenates the body and fights against tiredness, fatigue, early grey hairs, wrinkling (Skin rejuvenation and hair rejuvenation). It is the best anti ageing formula.  It also improves intelligence, memory and immune power.

Brahma rasayana dosage: 10 grams in the morning with half a glass of warm milk or warm water, half an hour before breakfast.

Experimental and clinical study reports on Brahma Rasayana –
1. Studies in mice has demonstrated Brahma rasayana enhances the proliferation of spleen and marrow cells, humoral immunity, tumor cell killing activities. (Kumar, Kuttan & Kuttan 1999 a & b)

2. Administration of BR (Brahma Rasayana) accelerated the recovery of the haemopoetic system as seen by a rapid rise in total leukocytes. Both lymphocytes and neutrophils were significantly increased by Rasayana treatment.

3. Brahma rasayana inhibited methylcholanthrene induced sarcoma development.

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