This is what people who trusted and went through my email consultation / counselling / opinion sessions had to say. The names of my clients are not displayed to keep the confidentiality. Click to consult me

  • “I contacted you two months ago around 12th April, as I was suffering from anxiety, joint pain & I was overweight.
    Following your advice & recommendation of various Ayurvedic  products to take & a healthier eating plan with more green vegetables, I am very happy to tell you that I am feeling 100% better.
    My leg & hip joint pain has completely cleared up.
    I am no longer over anxious, & I am much calmer & my weight has dropped by 20lbs & I do not  have  liver pain after eating.
    I am extremely grateful to you for the advice that you gave me it has given me a positive outlook & a healthier lifestyle & I thank you most sincerely &
    I wish you good health.” – Mrs Jean McMahon, UK. 
  • “Overall I am really happy with the these positive changes. My digestion is better than it as been in 15 years. I think I am making major progress. – Thanks Dr Hebbar.” – Eric L., Florida, USA
  • “I have not had migraine for over a month now and this is first of 15 years or so. Thanks a ton!! – Srilatha”
  • “Dr Hebbar, The meds you had prescribed for me helped a lot with  my neck and back pain almost for a month I did not any painkillers for the first time in my life” – Zarine Sajjad, Tiruchirapalli
  • Dr. Hebbar is really efficient, well experienced and caring doctor. He treats you as if you are his family member. He understands every detail explained on the email and takes the treatment in a proper direction. He responds to emails promptly and kindly. He also takes care that the medication is on the lower dosage side i.e he avoids high dosage unless it is really necessary. He is really God sent to our family. My husband got cured of his severe Chronic Hives in few months. He also treated my nine year old daughter and me for skin issues successfully. Usha Murali, Singapore. 
  • I would like to thank you for helping me with this problem. If I had not followed your suggestion may be my child would have been operated by now for no reason. Thanks a lot again. – T.   USA – Peri anal abscess
  • Thank you very much for the prompt response. We are really grateful. I love how simple you have made this. Thank you for a brilliant service! D – South Africa
  •  I have been on medication you prescribed for a month now and  I see a tremendous improvement with regard to Meniere’s and  Tinnitus.  First and foremost the occurence of severe vertigo and  extreme vomiting has stopped thanks to you.  Several days I was free from vertigo and with very slight  tinnitus. – Jaiwant,  Bangalore
  • Thank you very much for the timely help. My allergic symptoms have come under control now. And I don’t even have the wheezing / coughing problem I had last year. The herbs that you prescribed did wonders to my lifestyle in the last month. – S, USA.
  •  I would like to thank you for posting very good articles on your blog and I think you are a bright young man with a very good attitude and I am sure you are going to make it big pretty soon. – AKD – London
  • Hi, I would like to say a few words about www.easyayurveda.com . Dr. Janardhana V Hebbar is mostly available  in the above mentioned website  for online queries. I received valuable advice and tips for healthy living. He gives effective tips and suggests good medicines for all health related problems. Thanks for your precious time and the service you render. u r really a very good Dr. u have so much of patience and I feel really great. I will surely keep in touch with u. Thanks a lot.- S. Bangalore.
  • Dear Doctor, wholeheartedly I thank you for having removed my guilty feeling and fear. I have been suffering by this for more than 10 years in my mind. – A Bangalore
  • Dr. , I am so very obliged with the time you took out in this regard. I will surely follow your advice in this matter. Also again i am very thankful to you for your time. Thanks a ton. V. USA
  • My mother is significantly better after 10 days of treatment, she is watching tv and laughing. She also walks more around the house than usual, her hair is shiny. She feels no pain.- S, Moscow, Russia – Urinary bladder inflammation and skin pigmentation
  • Thanx doc! u – hvae done ur job for the day because I’m smiling already. R Netherlands. – Depression & Panic attacks
  • Thank for ur suggestions. thanks a Lot.  thanks for listening patiently & giving me advice. – K. Hyderabad.
  • Thanks a lot for ur valuable reply n also to spare time to answer my questions – P. Hyderabad
  • Thanks a lot doctor it felt so great to talk to you. you came as a big relief. M – Mumbai. – PCOS
  • We really appreciate your promptness and comforting reply. this is a real help to us at such a challenging time. M – Mysore
  • I  dont know how to thank u..even an own brother will not be as much as caring attitute n helping  like u…. V – Nagercoil, India.
  • Respected Dr Hebbar, I am applying home remedies as per your article.
    thank you sir its really working. NK – New Delhi.
  • Thnk u so much….sir ur d first Dr who’s solvng d problms of ppl thru social services n phone calls….dis made me bcome fan of u….thnks once again – I. Bangalore – Personal problem
  • I accidental cam across your site today and instantly fell in love with the articles and information published on it.  Very interesting website with useful tips. – D. Bangalore
  • Whenever I visit ur website I feel proud that a doctor like u is doing such a good service to society of informing our people about our own ancient effective remedies ….Thank you S Singapore.
  • My left knee pain is almost reduced and I can bend and stretch with ease. Now am tying to walk like before and have lot of confidence that I ll be successful in becoming normal. Just wanted to give you feedback and thank you immensely for the treatment. Some more days are left out and I shall stay in touch with you. Once again thanks very much. – VS, Bangalore.
  • Namaste Dr. Hebbar, Your articles are very very informative. thanks for ur sincere efforts in bringing ayurveda to common people. I have been greatly benifited by your valuable suggestions and quick response in the past. Thank you very much. Regards, HK – Bangalore
  • I have seen so many websites for anything everything people look for money. But this is the first time a person just do things for service. And thats what made me so glad and surprised. – J – Vellore, Tamil Nadu, Physical fitness issue.
  • Dear Dr. Hebbar, I would firstly take the opportunity to express my hapiness and privilege to receive your health enhancing newsletters. They are certainly great to read, follow and forward. AJ, Thane, Maharashtra.
  • Dear doctor, I had this medicine for 4 weeks.. and the result is excellent.  Numbness and pain has totally vanished. Occasional stiffness is still present… but much better than it was. – Cervical spondylosis, PK,  Guruvayoor, Kerala. 

  • Thank u sir. A very good approach to ur clients. I think very rare doctors are like this. Thank u again – G, Bangalore, Menstrual problem. 
  • Thank you so much .Dr.Sahab, aapke bolne k tareeke se hi patient ki adhi beemari khatam hogayee….baki k liye aap hain hi..! thanks sir…!!!  – A. P. – Diabetes mellitus
  • Thanks for your guidance, i could see the results of the medicine, all my muscle weakness and cataplexy is slowly reversing.  but my injured nerves behind the skull and jaw takes some time. I’m very happy and i  hope within every months i will be quite normal.  – M R – Neuropathy. 
  •  I really salute you, i have got 80 %  relief that my both joint pains . No Ayurvedic Doctor in my life time has given such an exact medicine . Many thanks for suggesting such a good medicine – SN D. – Rheumatoid arthritis.
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  •  Your books are very interesting and useful for me. SG, Panvel, Maharashtra, India. 

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11 comments on “Testimonials

  • swati srivastava

    09/04/2011 - 2:36 pm

    Must say A great human being and a great doctor.
    I appreciate his work for society
    keep up the good work!!

    God Bless!!

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  • Daisy

    27/05/2011 - 9:44 pm

    My mother in law is diagnosed with Trigeminal Neurolgia. Except pain medicines- there was not much help. Dr. Hebbar Prescribed an oil and it helped her a lot. Thanks a million!

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  • Velan Chandrasekar

    27/10/2011 - 11:02 pm

    Dear Sir,

    I just read a whole bunch of your articles (I came across your website, by chance, few weeks back) and I resolved to continue reading…

    I am sure and sincere that you make a role-model for any professional (esp., the divine profession – Doctors) & a human being, as such.

    Special thanks & admiration for having such a mindset of setting things straight (…especially on crucial things that strongly affect today’s younger generation).

    Keep writing, please. God bless You. 🙂

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    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

      28/10/2011 - 9:16 am

      Feel humbled to read your words. Thanks. 🙂

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  • Sunil

    10/02/2016 - 10:47 pm

    Doctor is very knowledgeable in Ayurveda and his advice are really good.
    PLs keep doing good work for society.. God bless u

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  • edmond

    03/05/2016 - 8:41 pm

    Hi, Please can you send me the address of South Africa, Johannesburg please. i was assualted on the head and I was paralysed on my right side, but my balance is yet strong.

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  • priyanka

    16/06/2016 - 10:52 am

    hi …is there any medicine which can cure piles pain and swelling?

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  • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

    05/07/2016 - 7:19 pm

    It is safe to continue for 6 weeks time. After that, consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.

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  • Sunaina

    05/10/2018 - 6:14 pm

    Thank you Dr Hebbar for your wonderful articles that we can access to understand things and get the answers we seek. It is truly a blessing. You have my deepest respect for taking time out and clarifying our doubts. Thank you so much ????????

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