About Dr JV Hebbar

Dr JV HebbarI am Dr Janardhana V Hebbar B.A.M.S., MD (Ayu), PGDPSM, an Indian Ayurvedic doctor and a professional Ayurveda, health and lifestyle blogger.

I have written five Ayurveda books.

I have co authored 2 text books on Ayurvedic mineralogy.

Apart from Ayurvedic consultation I keep myself updated with international guidelines regarding Ayurvedic product regulations, Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals,  formulation development, exports, website content development etc.

I can be of help to you to get details regarding

  • To get the best Ayurvedic solution to your health condition
  • To get health tips which you can easily adopt for a better healthy lifestyle
  • To avail online or direct Ayurvedic Consultation
  • To purchase Ayurvedic Herbal products
  • To get supply of organic herbs, organic herbal powders, organic herbal capsules.

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Personal details:
from Bapuji Ayurvedic Medical College, Shimoga, Karnataka
MD (Ayurveda) from ALN Rao Ayurvedic Medical College, Koppa, Karnataka
Post Graduate Diploma on Pharma Sales Management from IGNOU, New Delhi.
Now staying in Moodbidri, Mangalore, Karnataka.

Previous work experience:
Worked as Deputy Product manager in AVN Ayurveda Formulations Pvt. Ltd., Madurai and AVN Arogya Healthcare Ltd., for 2 years.
Worked as Associate Professor in Alva’s Ayurveda Medical College, Moodbidri, for four years.
Have worked with Cadbury India Ltd and CF Herbals as consultant.

Personal note:

During my childhood, I suffered a lot with health issues, I had four fractures at different times of school period, and a major abdominal surgery at the age of 9.

Thanks to incredible efforts of my brave mother, Smt. Padmakshamma, I would have died without her efforts. (still have 6 inch long suture mark on my tummy).  She is now, a retired teacher.

I wanted to become a doctor since childhood and found out in due course of time, that there is no better way of healing than Ayurveda, the Indian system of Medicine.

Thanks to my mom again, though I lost my father at the age of 12, she put me through graduation and post graduation courses of Ayurveda, through a period of 9 long years. During my post graduation studies, she lived alone at home, while I was at hostel.

After I post-graduated in 2008, I have been writing my experiences about Ayurveda in my blog – easyayurveda.com

My hobbies – cricket, chess, classical music, reading biographies.

I live with my mom, wife and 2 daughters.

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