Madhava Nidana Chapter 66 Stanaroga Nidanam

This article explains Madava nidana 50th chapter “Stanaroga Nidanam”. Causes, pathology and symptoms of Stanaroga are explained in this chapter. Sheetapitta means urticaria, Stanaroga means diseases of breast.

Stana Roga Samprapti

Pathogenesis of diseases of the breast
The doshas which have undergone abnormal increase (vitiation) get localized in the breasts filled with milk (during the period of lactation) or without milk (other than lactation period – when mother is not feeding the child), contaminate the muscles and blood therein and produce many diseases of the breasts. (1)
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Stanaroga Bheda, Lakshana

Types and symptoms of breast diseases
The five kinds of diseases of the breasts (produced by the increase of vata, pitta, kapha and all the three doshas together and that caused due to external agents) will have similar symptoms as those of five types of bahya vidradhi i.e. abscesses occurring outside (on the exterior) the body i.e. the symptoms of vataja, pittaja, kaphaja, sannipataja and agantuja vidradhi respectively, while excluding the raktaja vidradhi (abscess caused by the vitiated blood) i.e. there will be no raktaja stana roga as in raktaja vidradhi. (2)
Thus ends the chapter on Stana Roga

Thus ends the chapter on Stana Roga Nidanam in Madhava Nidana text written by Acharya Madhavakara.

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