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Effect of Fiber Rich Diet on Health, Doshas as per Ayurveda

Is Excess Fiber bad for health? What is its effect on Doshas? 
Fiber is generally considered to have dryness quality (as opposed to oiliness, unctuousness). Fiber rich foods are also hard to digest or take a long time to undergo digestion. Fibers increase the bulk of feces and keep the stomach full, thereby the person does not feel hunger and starts to lose weight. 

Effect of Fibre on digestion

Fiber slows down the digestion process. They stay in the digestive tract for a longer period of time. Fiber rich foods generally decrease Agni (digestive fire). Fibers increase the bulk of feces. 

Fibers and Tridosha

Such fiber rich foods are ideal for 
people with high Kapha – They naturally have excess oiliness and tend to be obese. Hence, in them, it is ideal to include healthy amounts of fibre in diet. The dryness of fibers counters the oiliness of Kapha Dosha. Vegetable based fibers are more suited to balance Kapha dosha. Carrot, beet root, broccoli, cauliflower. 

Fiber is also ideal for people with high Pitta dosha. They usually have high hunger. Fiber helps to counter the excess Agni (digestive fire). Fruit based fibers are more suited to decrease aggravated Pitta. The sweetness of fruits balances Pitta Dosha. Pears, strawberry, avocado, apple, banana, orange (sweeter variety). 

Fibers are not well tolerated when Vata dosha is very high. They cannot tolerate dryness and Vata dosha should be countered by a more nutritious diet. In them, the excess fiber may cause diarrhea, bloating or constipation. 

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