Wine Qualities, Benefits, Remedies, Side Effects

Wine is prepared from grapes and is hailed for its heart health promoting qualities. Ayurveda recommends it for oral intake, as douche for cleansing and also for mouth gargling.
In Ayurveda, it is called mardvika.
Mrudvika means grapes. The wine prepared from it is called Mardvika.

French paradox, Resveratrol

French eat a lot of saturated fats in the form of butter and cheese. But still they have statistically proven better heart health than many countries.
Lower rates of heart disease due to French wine. Resveratrol is found in French wine.
Resveratrol is found in the skin of the grapes. It helps to promote sirtuin gene activity. This activity helps the cells to live longer. This gives better protection against heart diseases, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.  (1)



mārdvīkam avidāhitvāt – wine does not cause burning sensation in the stomach or on the body, unlike other alcoholic beverages.
madhurā – it has slightly sweet taste
raktapitte’pi satataṃ budhairna pratiṣidhyate – These two qualities of not being very hot and sweet taste makes it a tolerable alcoholic beverage for those with high Pitta disorders such as bleeding disorders, nasal bleeding etc. It does not mean that it is ideal for them. It only means that, if they wish to have alcohol, wine is better.
rūkṣaṃ ca – drying in nature
kaṣāyānurasaṃ – astringent sub taste
laghu – light to digest.
These qualities of dryness, lightness and astringency makes it good to balance Kapha Dosha and Kapha related disorders such as high cholesterol, obesity, hypertension etc.

laghupāki – easily undergoes digestion
saraṃ – promotes bowel movement, mild laxative
śoṣa viṣamajvara nāśanam – useful to relieve dryness, dehydration and chronic recurrent fever.
suśrtua sūtrasthānam – 45| dravadravyavidhyadhyāyaḥ 172-173

śramaharaṃ – relieves fatigue
mūrcchā dāha tṛṣāpaham – useful in frequent fainting, excessive burning sensation and thirst.
suśrtua sūtrasthānam – 46| annapānavidhyadhyāyaḥ



kaiyadevanighaṇṭu – 4 dravavarga

snigdhaṃ – unctuous
madhuraṃ – sweet
viśadaṃ – brings clarity
laghu – light to digest
rocanaṃ – improves taste in food, useful in anorexia
dīpanaṃ – improves digestion strength
hṛdyaṃ – nātyuṣṇaṃ balapuṣṭidam ||388||
lekhanaṃ – scraping, useful in atherosclerosis
śukralaṃ – aphrodisiac
varṇyam – improves skin health
alpa pitta anilaṃ – can slightly increase Vata and Pitta Dosha
kleda śoṣa medaḥkaphāpaham – relieves excessive stickiness, moistness, relieves dehydration, decreases fat, cholesterol and Kapha Dosha.
Useful in
pāṇḍutā – anemia
kṛmi – worm infestation, parasites
meha – diabetes
arśo – hemorrhoids

dhanvantarinighaṇṭu – 6| suvarṇādivarga
hṛdyaṃ mārdvīkaṃ kathitaṃ tathā – good for heart

Mardvika (wine prepared from grapes) is scraping, good to the heart, not very hot in potency, sweet,
Sara – promotes natural movement of body fluids (laxative), causes slight increase of Pitta and Anila (Vata), useful in anaemia, diabetes, hemorrhoids and worms (intestinal parasites). Ashtanga Hrudaya, Sutrasthana 5th chapter 72 verse.

Shloka, Sanskrit Verse

Excessive thirst, dry mouth

In case of severe dry mouth, wine is used for gargling and swishing. Charaka Samhita, Chikitsa Sthana 22/34 Trushna Chikitsa
Acharya Sushruta has explained wine as a dietary recommendation for excessive thirst (Uttara Tantra, 41/38)

Prakriti Body type

People with Pitta Prakriti feel the heat all the time, their palms and feet have coppery red tinge, their body is always warm. They cannot tolerate excess heat.

पित्ताधिकेभ्यस्तु मार्द्वीकं – Chakrapani on Charaka Samhita, Chikitsa Sthana, 24th chapter
For a Pitta body type person, wine is the best alcoholic drink.
Sweet grapes are cooling and very good to balance Pitta Dosha. Because wine is prepared with grapes, it does not produce excess heat in the body. Hence, ideal for people with Pitta body type.

Acharya Vagbhata explains that wine is suitable for people with Kapha body type. kaphe mārdvīka – for persons of kapha predominance, wine is suitable. Because excess Kapha causes an increase of body fat, cholesterol and causes weak digestion and cardiac disorders, this recommendation is made. Ashtanga Hrudaya Chikitsa Sthana 7/98

Skin health, face

It improves blood circulation and keeps skin hydrated. Acharya Dalhana has explained wine as Varnya – promotes natural skin health, color and glow. (Sushruta Sutrasthana 45th chapter)

Alcoholism with Pitta imbalance

Drinks for Paittika Madatyaya:
In the alcoholism caused by Pitta, the patient is administered with wine mixed with candy sugar (mishri), along with juice of raisins, dates, falsa fruit or along with pomegranate juice. Before giving it, it is highly diluted with water and sprinkled with Saktu / sattu (roasted flour of cereals). Charaka Madatyaya Chikitsa 24th Chapter – Alcoholism Shloka 136-137

Female reproductive health

Wine is diluted with water and used as vaginal douche for local cervical cleansing in case of excessive discharge with a bad smell. Charaka Chikitsa Sthana 30th Chapter – Yoni Vyapat, Shloka 82

Fistula surgery

Master Sushruta used wine in the surgical procedure of anal fistula with multiple tracks (Sataponaka).
The fistula tracts are cut open and then local fomentation (Nadi sweda) is administered with medicated, wound healing liquids.
After that, the patient is administered with powder of Kushta, salts, Vacha (acorus), asafoetida and celery. Equal parts of these are mixed with ghee or wine and administered. This helps to heal the surgical wound faster. Sushruta Samhita, Chiktisa Sthana 8th chapter (Bhagandhara Chikisa).


Acharya Sushruta has explained it as part of diet in fever management (Uttara tantra, 39th chapter). Because it is useful in calming Pitta Dosha, it helps to reduce the body temperature, while improving the digestion strength.

Digestive health

Wine improves digestive health. Ashtanga Hrudaya Gulma Chikitsa explains it as a dietary ingredient to treat Gulma – bloating and abdominal tumors.
In case of intestinal tuberculosis, to improve colon health, wine is recommended. Ashtanga Hrudaya, Chiktisa Sthana, 5/74

Side Effects

Excessive consumption causes intoxication, liver damage, aggravates Pitta and Vata Dosha, gastritis and headache.

Wine vs. Drakshasava, Draksharishta

Wine is meant to be consumed as a beverage.
Drakshasava is a fermented preparation, with grapes and several other ingredients and water. It is used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, depression, anxiety, emaciation, bleeding disorders etc. Read more about Drakshasavam. it acts as a coolant drink.
Draksharishta is a fermented Ayurvedic medicine with grapes decoction and other ingredients. It is slightly warming and is used in the treatment of fatigue, bloating, chest injury, eye disorders, hoarseness of voice etc. Learn more about Draksharishta

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