Artavavaha Srotas Description, Vitiation Symptoms, Treatment

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay)

Artavavaha srotas – The channels of transportation of menstrual blood seem to be the pathway of flow of menstrual blood during monthly periods in women i.e. the pathway from uterine canal to vaginal orifice.
Artava = menstrual blood / ovum
Vaha = carrying
Srotas = channels / ducts of transportation or conveyance
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Artavavah Srotas – Channels of transport of menstrual blood

Master Charaka has not mentioned or explained the channels of transportation of menstrual blood.

According to Sushruta –
a. Roots of the channels 
The menstrual blood carrying channels which carry the menstrual blood out of the body during monthly cycles in women are 2 in number. Their roots are located in –

Garbhaashaya – Uterus
Aartava Vaahini Dhamanis – the arteries which carry the menstrual blood

b. Symptoms of damage or injury to the menstrual blood carrying channels –

Vandhyataa – infertility
Maithuna asahishnutaa – intolerance to sex, difficulty in sex or painful sex – dyspareunia
Aartava naasha – Amenorrhoea or Dysmenorrhoea
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The vitiation of Artava vaha srotas should be managed on the lines of treatment of Yoni vyapad – vaginal, uterine disorders and Artava vyapat – disorders of menstruation.
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Sanskrit Verses


The roots –

a. Uterus as root of menstrual blood carrying channel – In women, the monthly periods or menstruation takes place through the uterus. Since it is the origin of menstrual blood, the uterus is probably considered as one of the roots of menstrual blood carrying channels. Cervical canal and vaginal canal too shall be considered as parts of menstrual blood carrying channels along with uterine canal. This is because the menstrual blood is finally carried out of the body through these canals.

b. The arteries carrying menstrual blood as root of menstrual blood carrying channels – 

Artava vahini dhamani means menstrual blood carrying arteries. There are no such arteries which carry menstrual blood. Therefore the word dhamani should not be considered as arteries and should be understand contextually.

If artava is taken as menstrual blood, the dhamani shall be considered as those arteries which are supplying the uterine bed and endometrium. The cervix or the lower opening of the uterus and Vagina can also be taken as Aartava vahini dhamanis because they appear like tubes or dhamanis and the menstrual blood flows out through them during the monthly periods in women.

If artava is taken as ovum, fallopian tubes or uterine tubes can be considered as the channels of transportation of artava.
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Analysis of symptoms of damage of menstrual blood transporting channels

The mention of infertility in the list of symptoms caused due to the damage of menstrual blood transporting channels indicates that the fallopian tubes are included in these channels and the root of these channels. Dyspareunia is suggestive of the vaginal canal being considered as the channel and root of these channels. Amenorrhea indicates the blood vessels and hormones supplying the uterine bed as part and parcel of these channels and their roots.
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