Factors That Prevent Disease Manifestation – Roga Anutpattikara Bhava

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Such factors are called as Roga Anutpattikara Bhavas

Roga = diseases
Anutpattikara – those which doesn’t allow manifesting
Bhavas – factors


Those factors which do not allow the diseases to get manifested are called as roga anutpattikara bhavas. These factors prevent diseases.
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Below mentioned are the conditions which contribute towards non-manifestation of diseases.

Self control

Jitendriya – the one who has conquered his senses and temptations.
Diseases are not manifested in those who have conquered their senses. Mind of such person will be detached from undesired longings. The person will be in a spiritual path and discover the true meaning of being self. Such persons will not be haunted by any type of diseases since he can avoid many disease causative factors with self restraint.
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Asatmya indriyartha sannikarsha i.e. improper association between the sense organs and their objects is main cause of all the diseases. The association may be deficit, excess or perverted.

The indriyas not only mean sense organs, but also includes the organs of action and mind. But even in these people there is a clause for the diseases not to be manifested. In those who have won over their senses the diseases do not manifest only if their fate is in their favor.
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Good Karma

Daiva Paurusha Samya – Balance of deeds done in previous and present births.
The deeds done in the previous birth are called ‘daiva’ and those done in this birth are called ‘paurusha’. If both these are favorable to the person, he doesn’t suffer from diseases. If both these work against him he surely suffers from the diseases. A state of balance between these deeds and the fruits of those deeds being favorable to one is key in non-manifestation of diseases.

Healthy diet, lifestyle

Hita Ahara Sevi – The person who consumes compatible foods.
Diseases don’t occur in people who are conscious in choosing their foods. One should be conscious of the quality, quantity, etiquette and timing of food. The person should also be cautious about the wrong food combinations and should choose good foods conducive for health and his constitution. Foods compatible to one’s digestion capacity and seasons should be taken.
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Hita Vihara Sevi – The person who is involved in compatible activities
The person who follows compatible and conducive activities will not be afflicted by any diseases. These activities include well planned and devised exercise and sex, diurnal and seasonal activities, work patterns, habits and stress management. They should be followed in accordance to the indications mentioned in the treatises and as taught and guided by masters and experts. Those activities incompatible to one’s life shall be avoided.
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Sameekshyakari – the one who works analytically
The person who works and does all the tasks after analyzing every dimension and possible effects of the tasks would be in all his senses. Since he has clear cut idea of what he is doing he cannot take wrong paths to achieve his accomplishments.

Vishayeshu asaktah – Not interested in the worldly objects .
The person who is not interested to the worldly objects, subjects and pleasures will definitely keep himself away from the diseases.
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Other factors which help in non-manifestation of the diseases –

  • Daata – the person who is generous and does charity
  • Samah – the person who sees everyone with equality
  • Satyaparah – the person who always speaks truth
  • Kshamavan – one who forgiving in nature
  • Apta upasevi – one who serves and respects his elders, teachers, well wishers and noble persons
  • Mati vachah karma sukhanubandhi – one who has balance state of mind, speech and deeds
  • Sattvam vidheya – one who has his mind under control
  • Vishada buddhi – clarity of thoughts, intellect and decisions
  • Jnana – knowledgeable
  • Tapah tatparata – one who is indulged in meditation and penance
  • Yoge tatparata – one who is indulged in yogic activities
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All these are noble deeds which lead and keep one in the pathway of righteousness, in a path of discovering self and the supreme soul. It can also be said that the person who is righteous alone can do these noble deeds. Such a person will not be afflicted by diseases.

Sushruta’s view

Factors for non-production of diseases mentioned by master Sushruta
According to master Sushruta, the person indulged in the below mentioned activities will enjoy longevity of life. Since they contribute towards enhancing the lifespan of an individual they can also be said to be the factors responsible for non-production of diseases and keeping the person healthy.

  • Jeerne bhojanam – eating food after the previously taken food has been properly digested will keep the stomach and gut healthy. The food will be digested properly and ama i.e. the toxic end products of improper digestion will not be formed in the stomach. The nutrition will be properly formed and circulated so as to nurture the body properly so as to keep it healthy and fit. The person would feel hunger in proper time, food will be properly digested every time and there would be proper and timely excretion of wastes. All these events contribute towards non-manifestation of diseases.
  • Veganam avidharanam – The diseases will not occur in a person who will not withhold the impending urges of the body forcibly. The body produces certain urges regularly. They are the urges of fart, defecation, urination, sneeze, thirst, hunger, sleep, cough, heavy breathing due to exertion, yawning, tears, vomiting and ejaculation. These natural expressions of the body should be allowed to pass away without forcibly stopping them. They also should not be artificially created.
  • Brahmacharya – following celibacy is one of the three supporting pillars of health and longevity. Brahmacharya also means to live in accordance to the rules and regulations laid by the creation i.e. ethical way of living. When one follows celibacy in a proper way, diseases will not be manifested in that person.
  • Ahimsa – the person, who follows non-violence will not harm anyone physically, mentally or verbally and will receive trust and love from others. The person will be free of stress and worries and will be physically and mentally healthy.
  • Sahasanam cha varjyam – the person who keeps himself away from excessive physical exercises will be healthy and the diseases would not afflict him. Getting indulged in excessive exercises on long term will cause vitiation of vata and destruction of tissues. This will reduce the immunity, strength and endurance of the person and make him susceptible for diseases.
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Sanskrit verse

Kshema Kutuhala

Factors for non-production of diseases mentioned in Kshema Kutuhala treatise
The person who is indulged in the below mentioned activities will live a healthy life of hundred years. This means to tell that diseases will not get manifested in a person who follows the below mentioned things.

  • Vamashayi – one who always sleeps on the left side
  • Dwi bhunjanah – one who eats food twice daily (not more, not less times)
  • Shad mutri – one who urinates 6 times in a day
  • Dwi purishakah – one who passes feces twice in a day
  • Swalpa maithunakari – the person who is indulged in less sexual activities
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Conditions for not being afflicted by seasonal disorders
Properly following seasonal regimen is one of the important strategies to maintain comprehensive health according to Ayurveda. This also keeps away the seasonal disorders. The Kriya Kalas i.e. six stages of manifestation of diseases have been explained in Ayurveda on the basis of seasons.

The doshas accumulate and exacerbate in their respective seasons and will settle down when the season is favorable to them, if the immunity of the person is good. If the immunity of a person is less and if the doshas do not get settled down in their favorable seasons, they progress to form diseases.
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Therefore following seasonal regimen is the best way of avoiding the seasonal disorders. Seasonal disorders when not treated properly and when neglected will progress to become stubborn systemic diseases.

The kapha dosha accumulated in the Hemanta Rtu i.e. early winter should be expelled in spring season.

The vata dosha accumulated in the summer season should be properly expelled in the monsoon season.
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The pitta dosha accumulated in monsoon season should be expelled thoroughly in autumn season. This rule holds goods for expulsion of pitta.

After expulsion of the doshas, suitable rejuvenators and Vajikaranas i.e. aphrodisiacs prepared properly using suitable herbs. All these together will provide immunity to the person and help in keeping away the diseases.
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Other factors helpful in non-manifestation of diseases

  • Regular consumption of rejuvenators and aphrodisiacs for maintenance of health, tissue strength, immunity and endurance
  • Following Sadvrutta i.e. righteous lifestyle, social and community health
  • Following Achara Rasayana i.e. noble behaviors which enhance physical and mental health and immunity
  • Following Dharma i.e. righteous living, artha i.e. ethical earning and kama i.e. meaningful desires which enables one to travel in a spiritual pathway of attaining salvation and liberation from self.
  • Practicing Yoga and meditation
  • Keeping away from bad habits and addictions

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