Yukti Pramana – Knowledge through Intelligence

By Dr. Regina Antony
Pramanas are means to obtain true knowledge. Acharya Charaka has explained 4 Pramanas –
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Yukthi can be understood as application of wisdom and intelligence to perceive true knowledge.

Yukti means proper planning, assessment or reasoning.
Yukthi is defined as the intelligence necessary for perception of knowledge.

It gives the knowledge of Trikala – the past, present and future and Trivarga – Dharma (righteousness in life), Artha (materialistic wealth) and Kama (desires in life).
Yukti means gaining the true knowledge by analysing multiple factors using intelligence.
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Acharya Charaka has enlisted some examples by which Yukti can be understood (Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana 11/23-24) –
Growth of crops from the combination of irrigation, land, seed and seasons;
Formation of embryo from the combination of six factors i.e. the five Mahabhutas and the soul (Atma);
Production of fire from friction;
Ideal functioning of the four factors – Doctor, medicine, attendant and the patient in relieving diseases.
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Importance of Yukthi

Without intelligence or assessment, knowledge cannot be totally acquired.
Yukti is necessary to assess taste (rasa), quality (guna), potency (veerya), post-digestion taste (vipaka), functions (karma) of any substance.
Yukti is necessary to understand the action of sharp and blunt instruments (Shastras and Yantras) and medicines (Aushadha) on the body.
Collection of medicines, purification, formulation and storage is done based on Yukti.
Assessment of the stage of disease progression (Kriya kala), identifying a disease, its treatment, medicine and its dose, time of medicine administration etc are decided based on Yukti.
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