Netra Shuklagata Rogas – Disorders Affecting Sclera

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Netra Shuklagata Rogas are set of disorders which occur in the white portion of the eye (sclera) and the bulbar conjunctiva (conjunctiva covering the eyeball).


Netra – Eye
Shuklagata – located in the white portion of the eye, sclera
Rogas – Diseases
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The eyelids contribute to the Shweta / Shukla Mandala
Mandala means circles. Shukla Mandala is the circle made up of sclera along with the conjunctiva covering it. Seen from outside, the white of the eye i.e. sclera / outer tunic of the eye, looks like a circle.

Sclera contribute to two sandhis i.e. joints of the eyes
Vartma Shukla Gata Sandhi – This is the meeting place of eyelids and sclera (Shukla bhaga).

Shukla Krushna Gata Sandhi – This is the meeting place of Shukla Bhaga (Sclera / white of the eye) and Krishna Bhaga (Black of the Eye / Iris).
This can be considered to be the sclera-corneal junction / limbus. But since Cornea is transparent, it is wise to take Iris as Krishna Bhaga.
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Shuklagata gata Rogas

Shuklagata gata Rogas – Diseases of the Sclera and bulbar conjunctiva

Name of disorders of sclera with probable modern correlation
Totally 11 diseases are manifested in the sclera portion of the eye. Some of these disorders also include the bulbar conjunctiva i.e. the part of conjunctiva that covers the eyeball / sclera. They are –

  • Prastari Arma – Pterygium
  • Shukla Arma – Pterygium
  • Kshataja Arma – Pterygium
  • Adhimamsa Arma – Pterygium
  • Snayu Arma – Pterygium
  • Shuktika – Conjunctival Xerosis
  • Arjuna – Phlyctenular conjunctivitis / Sub-conjunctival echymosis
  • Pishtika – Pinguicula
  • Sirajala – Scleritis / Pannus
  • Sirapidaka – Deep Scleritis / Phlyctenular conjunctivitis
  • Balasagrathita – Perinaud’s conjunctivitis
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Dosha relation

Dosha Relation in causation of disorders of sclera and prognosis Tridoshaja Sadhya – The below mentioned disorders are caused by simultaneous vitiation of all three doshas and are curable.

Pittaja Sadhya – The below mentioned disorders are caused by vitiated pitta and are curable in nature.

  • Shuktika

Kaphaja sadhya – The below mentioned disorders are caused by vitiated kapha and are curable.

Raktaja sadhya – The below mentioned disorders are caused by vitiated blood and are curable.

Classification of Disorders of Sclera based on the predominant surgical method / treatment given
Chedhya Shukla Gata Rogas – The below mentioned diseases of the sclera are treated through excision method. They are –

Ashastra Krutya Shukla Gata Netra Rogas – Below mentioned disorders of the sclera are those in which surgical intervention is contraindicated. This also means that these conditions may be effectively treated by oral medication. They are –

  • Arjuna
  • Pishtaka
  • Shuktikaa
  • Balasa Grathita

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