Let Us Live Today, Not For Better Tomorrow

I am not living for myself
I am not living for my family
I am not living for my children
I am not living for my life partner
I am not living for my friends
I am not living for my enemies

I am not living for those who praise me
I am not living for those curse me
I am not living for well wishers
I am not living for my boss
I am not living for good ones
I am not living for bad ones
I am not living for elders

I am not living for respect worthy
I am not living for worthless
I am not living for optimists
I am not living for pessimist

I am living for only and only for you my Lord, everyday in every way in all my heart and mind I live my life to you. Everyday in every way I am getting better and better in you.
I will live for days you wish me to live.
I will smile when you want me smile, I will cry when you want me cry.
I will cherish, I will morn when you want.

I will be strong in you, I will be fulfilled in you, for my trust is in you my Lord now and forever. You lift me when I fall, you make me strong when I am weak, you show the way, you guide me, you instruct me…for you never fail on those who trust You.

Let us not live for better tomorrow, for yesterday was not better than tomorrow and tomorrow is not better than today. So let us live today to make our day better now.

There is way if you find, sleep not when you have to wake.
Doors are always closed, unless you open it. Every task is easy only if you find a way to make it simple. Every hard work has a good reward only if your wealthy in heart and mind.

Understand yourself before you say I understand you, for Joy is what you celebrate, happiness is what you spread. Love the feel of fear, for fear lack love.

Focus on the things which you can do, for it is what has to be done by you. Do not wait for a change to happen but make it, for happiness is exclusively yours.

Wait…..not till others reach your thought, stop not…even others reach your spot, for it’s your life journey …..sometimes others too reach same spot but from different directions so don’t judge, for you don’t know which direction they are destined.

Don’t hop to reach your spot, for you may only save time to think what you skipped by hopping. Be slow and steady, live every step in your life journey for life is one shot with new opportunity in every step.

Think not about missed opportunity but give a thought about what is under your feet…… for future is what you think at present. Nothing is best and final till you know your best and final blink… so let us take best as what we are blessed to get and final is what we are blessed to have it.

Dr Renita D’Souza
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