Deepti Roga Nasal Disorder – Causes, Symptoms, Ayurvedic Treatment

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Deepti Roga / Deepta Roga is a diseased condition in which the person suffers from or feels as if his nose is being burnt by fire and smoke being eliminated from the nose

Causes, symptoms

Deepti / Deepta = lighted up, burning
Roga = disease
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Causes and Pathogenesis of Deepti Roga
Causes and pathogenesis of deepti disease has not been explained in the Ayurvedic texts. But we can infer from whatever cross-references we find in the texts.

Master Vagbhata mentions the involvement of vitiated blood which causes burning of nose. He tells that deepti disease is caused due to burning of blood located in the nose. Master Sushruta, while mentioning the principles of treating this condition tells that Deepti disease should be treated on the lines of treating a pitta disorder i.e. all pitta alleviating measures should be implemented in treating this condition.
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Since vitiated pitta / blood are involved in the causation of the symptoms in the nose in this condition, the causative factors should be anything which causes vitiation of pitta and blood in the body. Pitta and blood are inter-related. Pitta is located in the blood sharing an abode and resident relationship wherein blood tissue is the abode / residence for pitta. Therefore they also share common etiological factors. Etiological factors which cause vitiation of pitta also vitiate blood. Therefore the explanation of both Vagbhata and Sushruta sync at this point.
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Similar symptoms are also found in Pittaja Pratishyaya i.e. rhinitis caused due to predominant vitiation of pitta. Deepti disease too occurs due to involvement of vitiated pitta.

Symptoms of Deepti disease

  • Ghrane bhrusham daaha samanvite – excessive burning sensation in nose
  • Vinisared dhuma iveha vayuh (Dhumopama uchchvasa – Vagbhata, Dhumayana – Videha) – the air coming out of the nose which the person breathes out is hot in nature and appears as if smoke is being eliminated from the nose
  • Nasa pradeepta iva – the person feels as if his nose is burning with fire
  • Bahya antah sprarshana asaha (Vagbhata) – tenderness / intolerance to touch on both outside and inside of the nose
  • Krushyati (Videha) – pulling or dragging sensation in the nose
  • Tama (Videha) – the person feels darkness in front of his eyes while breathing out hot ‘smoke-like’ air
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Correlation, Sanskrit verse

Modern correlation
According to Ayurvedic explanation of deepta / deepti disease, it seems like an independent disease but when seen through the lens of modern medicine it is one of the symptoms seen in some nasal disorders, especially ‘a symptom of acute rhinitis’. Thus, deepti disease can be closely correlated to as – ‘a symptom of acute rhinitis’. The symptoms like burning sensation, feel of fumes / smoke being eliminated from the nose etc occur due to congestion of blood in the nasal mucosa. Vagbhata too has mentioned the rakta vidaha i.e. burning of blood in the pathogenesis of deepta disease.
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Treatment, remedies

Treatment of Deepti nasal disorder
Paittika Pratishyaya Chikitsa
All measures useful in treating rhinitis caused by predominant vitiation of pitta shall be adopted in treating deepti disorder also. Thus, deepti should be treated on the lines of treating pittaja rhinitis.
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Pitta nashaka upachara –
All treatments and comforts which would mitigate pitta should be administered externally and internally to get rid of deepti disease and its symptoms.
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Swadu bhojana –
Foods and drinks rich in sweet taste should be served to the patient suffering from deepti disease. Sweet taste is antagonistic to pitta, and hence is a good remedy for deepti disease.
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Sheeta Upachara
Cold foods and comforts are always welcome and soothing in the treatment of deepti disorder, in fact any disorder in which pitta is predominantly present. Cold comforts and foods are not only antagonistic to the causative dosha i.e. pitta, it also pacifies aggravation of blood, reduces burning sensation and corrosion, reduces inflammation and also cures deepti disease.

Alpa shira swedana
Mild sudation should be administered to the head region to a person suffering from deepti disease.
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Neem – nasal drops – Nimba Rasanjana Nasya
Nasal drops should be instilled in the nose with juice of Neem leaves mixed with extract of Berberis aristata.
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Douche with cow milk – Ksheera jala avaseka
After having done with nasal medication, the physician should douche the nose of the patient with milk and water.

Green gram soup – Mudga Yusha sevana
Patient is served with soup of green gram for drinking.
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