Gorochan – Qualities, Indications, Remedies, Dose

By Dr Renita D’Souza
Gorochan is a valuable medicine in Ayurveda which is obtained from ox. It is aromatic and reddish brown in colour which is widely used in psychiatric disorders, seizures, fever, improves skin complexion, as antidote to poison etc.

Vernacular names, qualities

Names in different languages
Hindi Name – Golochan, Gorochan,
Sanskrit Name – Gorochana
Marati Name – Gorochan
Bengali Name – Gorochana
Gujarati Name – Goruchandan, Gorochan
Tamil name – Gorochanamu
English Name – Cow stone, Cow bezoar, Ox gall
Latin Name – Bezoar
Hindi Name – Go ka shud Pith
English Name – Purified ox gall
Latin Name – Extractum fellis bovini

Medicinal Qualities of Rochan
Rasa (taste) – Tiktha (astringent)
Virya (potency) – Hima (cold)
Guna (qualities) – Ruksha (dry)

Actions, remedies

Karma (action)
Vashya – helps to make others obedient to your will.
It is used in vashikaran services which is mentioned in Atharva Veda.
Mangala – brings fortune
It is believed that gorochana kept in the houses will bring good fortune and protect from evil spirits etc
Kanti – improves complexion, removes black spots and improves skin quality.
Ruchya – improves taste
Pachani – improves digestion

Indication of Gorochan
Visha – Poison or toxic conditions
Alakshmi – misfortune
Graha – Psychosomatic disorders
Unmada – Insanity
Gharbha srava – miscarriage occurring in 1st or 2nd month of pregnancy
Kshataasra – bleeding due to injury
Krimi – used in intestinal worm infestation
Kusta – skin disorders such as pigmentation, dark spots, vitiligo, allergic rashes etc

Sanskrit verse

Dose, usage, remedies

Dose of Rochana
1 – 2 grams in divided doses per day or as advised by Ayuredic doctor.

Usage of Gorochana
It is used both external application and as oral medicine.

Remedies using Gorochan
Paste of gorochana is applied to remove black spots in the skin.
In seizures 2 grams of gorachana paste prepared by rubbing with rose water is given internally.
Gorochana given internally has cooling effect hence it can be used to bring down excess heat of the body as in measles, chicken pox, fever etc

What is Gorochan?

Gorochan is the substance collected from ox. It appears like yellowish wax during its collection which then becomes hard and reddish brown in colour.

It is said that gorochan is not found in every ox and its presence is known by specific symptoms in the ox. One of the feature that indicates its presence is snoring and other nocturnal sounds made during sleep by the animal.

There are different opinion regarding the part from which Gorochana is collected. Some consider that is collected from forehead or stomach of a ox and others opine that it is the gall bladder of an ox.

Gorochana has good aroma. It has great medicinal value and plays important role in tantric and vashikaran activities. It is considered as sign of good fortune.

Appearance of Gorochan
Color – reddish brown
Odour – odoriferous
Shape – Vary. It can be round, oval or triangular
Size – Vary
Nature – hard

Side effects

Side effects of Gorochana
It is best to take this medicine only under medical supervision
Seek medical guidance for its use in pregnancy and lactation.
Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Purified ox gall should not be confused with gorochana.
Here the bile of cow or ox is collected and used after purifying it. It is bitter in taste and improves digestion strength.

Ayurvedic medicines, categorization

Classical categorisation
Bhavaprakasha – Karpuradi Varga
Kaiyadeva Nighantu – Dhatu Varga
Raja Nighantu – Chandanadi Varga
Shodala Nighantu – Chandanadi Varga

Medicines with Gorochana/Gopith as Ingredient
Gorochanadi Gulika – It is used in fever, pneumonia, cough, cold, bronchitis, asthma, diseases of throat, tonsillitis, chronic fever., memory loss, impaired hearing, vision problem.This is best used in children’s ailments.
Balarka Ras  – Used to treat fever with diarrhoea,  intestinal worms and cough in children
Karpooradi Arka – Used to treat low digestion power,  bad breath, obesity, high cholesterol levels and heart diseases.
Cardiraksh Capsule – Used in cardiac ailments, controls hypertension, relieves stress and strain. It has diuretic action.

Sanskrit Synonyms of Gorochana:
Gorochana, Rochana,
Mangalya – considered as auspicious
Vandya – praise worthy
Pingala – Reddish brown in colour

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