Shankarpali – Sweet Tukdi Qualities And Health Benefits

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu) PhD.
Shaknakarpali is a traditional Ayurvedic sweet dish mentioned in Bhojana kutoohala textbook. It is high in nutrition, useful for gain weight, to fight fatigue.

Word meaning

Due to the particular diagonal shape resembling the eyes of Lord Shiva (Shankara), probable this is known as Shankhapala, Shankarpole or Shankar phala or Shankarapali. Due to its appearance similar to broken pieces this is called Tukdi or Tukda also. As it is sweet in taste this is referred as Sweet Tukdi also.
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However it is quite interesting to note the classical version of this sweet with its classical benefits.

Classical reference

Preparation method

First of all, wheat flour is mixed with little ghee and later thick dough is made by adding enough water (some add little curd, butter or banana fruit also). This is pressed a little and thin plateau is made. It is cut into pieces in Shringataka akriti (diagonal shape). These pieces are fried along with ghee and dipped in sugar syrup.
After 10-15 minutes it is taken out and collected.
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It is sweet, unctuous, heavy to digest and tasty in nature.
It balances pitta and vata, aphrodisiac as well as nutritive in nature.

Indication and application

As it is nutritive, it is indicated in the individuals who are emaciated and lean.
It is good in Vata and Pitta disorders such as gastritis, hyper acidity, headache.
This is a recommended eatable to gain the weight as well as to increase the bulk of the muscles.

Its other spicy variant is also famous. Especially in Karnataka, the sweet and spicy variants are prepared together and enjoyed with evening snacks.
The spicy variant is prepared with same dough with a little red powder chilli addition. The spicy variety balances Kapha dosha and can increase Pitta Dosha.
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