Diseases Due To Pathological Muscle Tissue – Mamsa Pradoshaja Rogas

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Mamsa dhatu means muscle tissue. Muscles form the most important tissue of the body because they contribute to the skeletal makeup. They are responsible for all the body movements.
Not only they form the coating over the skeleton giving a shape to the body, they also make up the bulk of the layers of many organs and organ systems in the body.


Balanced and normal quantum of muscles is said to be one of the indicators of health and immunity.

Muscle tissue is the third tissue to be formed in the sequence of tissue formation according to Ayurvedic literature. It is formed from its predecessor tissue blood.
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When the blood tissue is acted upon by normal tissue fire of blood, a part of it is forms blood tissue, another part forms the muscle tissue while ear wax, eye discharges, nasal discharges, oral debris, sebum and smegma are formed as tissue excreta. Along with this, the sub-tissues of muscle tissue i.e. muscle and skin are formed.

The muscle tissue is formed in its optimum quality and quantity only if the previous tissue i.e. blood is properly formed. Therefore the normalcy of  blood and its fire is the key for muscle formation, maintenance and equilibrium.
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Muscle tissue becomes weak and many diseases are caused by such weakened muscle tissue when it is contaminated by the doshas.

Classical reference

Mamsa pradoshaja rogas

Mamsa Pradoshaja Rogas – Diseases caused by contaminated muscle tissue
When muscle tissue is contaminated by doshas or ama, it causes many diseases. These diseases are called Mamsa Pradoshaja Rogas.
Adhimamsa – overgrowth of muscular tissue, granuloma
Arbuda – tumors, myoma
Keela –  outward growth of muscles appearing in the shape of nails, piles
Gala shaaluka – granular eruptions within the throat, uvulitis,
Gala shundika – tonsillitis
Putimamsa – gangrene, sloughing of muscle tissue
Alajee – boils in muscle tissue
Galaganda – goiter
Gandamala – swelling of lymph glands around the neck region giving it an appearance of a garland or necklace
Upajihwika – cystic swelling of tongue
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Key points to be observed
Simultaneous vitiation of mamsa and kapha in mamsa pradosha leads to muscle outgrowths  – muscle tissue and kapha share ashraya ashrayi relationship i.e. muscle tissue is one of the tissues of the body in which kapha is located.
Due to this relationship there is always a chance that kapha and mamsa contaminate each other. When kapha increase add up to the increase of muscle tissue, there may be overgrowth of muscle tissue in many places of the body. Example, granuloma, myoma, piles, goiter, cystic swelling of tongue, enlargement and elongation of uvula etc

Overgrowth of body organs which looks muscular in nature is the characteristic feature of mamsa pradosha – muscle tissue vitiated by the morbid doshas will present as bulges which are muscular in appearance and texture. This may occur in any organ or around any tissues, orifices or channels.

This may occur due to accumulation of kapha and ama in the muscle cells or inflammation occurring in the muscle tissue which has been contaminated by pitta.
Example, piles, granuloma, epiglottitis, myoma, elongated uvula etc appear like muscle outgrowths.
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Goiter, cervical lymphadenitis, uvulitis, tonsillitis etc are glandular swellings due to inflammation or otherwise are actually not muscular outgrowths, but by touch, appearance and texture they would appear like muscular outgrowths. Therefore they are included under diseases caused by contaminated muscle tissue.

Vata and Pitta too may be involved in certain contaminated muscle borne diseases – Not only the kapha which resides in the muscle tissue but also the vitiated vata and pitta causes many diseases when they contaminate the muscles.
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When Vata contaminates the muscles, there is loss of muscle mass and degeneration or weakness and pain in the muscles.
Example, the dry form of piles, granular eruptions in throat etc.
Similarly when the morbid pitta vitiates the muscles it causes inflammation in the muscles and causes many diseases of the muscles including uvulitis, tonsillitis, piles, boils, lymphadenitis, epiglotitis etc.
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Excessive contamination of muscles by pitta and kapha will cause decaying of muscles and susceptibility for infection – this happens due to excessive inflammation and accumulation of contaminated fluids in the muscles and soft tissues around it or in muscular compartments.

The inflammation and decay of muscle and related tissues makes them susceptible to infection. This will lead to many conditions like gangrene, decaying of muscle tissue, sloughing of muscle tissue, boils etc.
Article by – Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ayu) – Email / Skype

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