How To Give An Artistic Touch To Your Work?

You may be a teacher, mechanic or car washer. There is some hidden talent in you. Have you ever considered using that in your job?

Your job might not be related to the talent that you have. A sportsman may end up becoming English teacher. A poet, software engineer.

But you must always try to leave your own artistic impression on any work that you do.

Examples of artistic expressions

A few examples of artistic expression in work –
1. Surprise elements
a. Easter eggs in movies – These are minute hints for hidden messages in movies. For example, 10 easter eggs in batman movies

These easter eggs are visible only on keen observation. But the artistic director leaves these hidden hints just to show his talent in a subtle silent way.
b. Steve Jobs‘ presentation of apple products always had “one more thing”. He made boring work of introducing an electronic gadget, an artistic performance just with his unique personality and presentation skills.

2. Perfection in work
If you are a car washer, by looking at the car that you washed someone who knows you pre-hand should say, “this is definitely done by you””
A neatly hand written page without grammatical errors.
A neatly hand written note without corrections, strike offs.
A perfectly written computer code.

3. It can be your artistic signature.
a. Michael Jackson’s moon walk– Millions of people do moon walk, but none matches MJ’s.
b. Maroon 5 – Famous pop band displays the signature concept of marital love like no other! Watch
Girls like you
Or this video of them – Sugar

C. In all the articles written by Raghuram or Krishnamurthy, the look and feel of those articles definitely give a hint of the person behind the article.

4. Elements of Humor
Add light humor to your office presentations, or school teaching, lecturing, wherever the opportunity is there. It makes the mood light and makes people to accept your theory / class with a smile in their face.

5. Use your talent –
If you are a singer, add a little song in your speech / presentation.
If you are good at drawing, add a small piece of drawing in your presentation slides / teaching.

If you are a poet, add your 4 liner poems to your speeches. Great former Indian prime minister – Shri Vajpayee was a great example. Read related.
If you are good at comedy, add a few comedy lines to your presentation / teaching.

6 Show your love and concern –
This relates especially to homemakers. Love injected into the cooking makes the dishes all the more tasteful.

Basic requirements

Basic requirement for artistic performance in work –
Think very hard on the nature of work and how you can make the work your own.
Doing work with love.
Only when we are in love, whatever the love we have in our heart gets shown in the work in the form of art. .
This love towards our work may not pre-exist. We can develop love towards our job over a period of time. Only that we should separate our mind from hindrances such as low salary / rough boss / rough time schedule to complete task etc.

Only a free mind can make artistic expression in the beginning.
Over a period of time when this artistic expression becomes part of our nature, we can be artistic even in a strict time schedule or under a rough boss. Then the external pressures will not be a hindrance.

How to create art at work?

By giving attention to all details
By doubling down our mental effort on the work. Wash the car with same energy but look closely and make sure that there are no dirt left on it.
By consciously thinking – what can I add to this work which makes other people to recognize me, even without knowing that I did this work.
By adding your natural talent to the work that you do.

We get the jobs based on our education or skills. These skills may be different than our interest. But showing our talents in an artistic way –
a. Makes the work more enjoyable to us.
b. Makes other people to notice and appreciate us.
Give it a try!

Life is short.
Work is boring.
Let us make both of them beautiful. 🙂

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