2 Main Focus Areas For A New Ayurveda Doctor

As a new Ayurvedic doctor in internship, if you really want to proceed to Ayurveda practice, you should start focusing on two aspects.  

Mental and spiritual aspects

1. Mental And Spiritual Aspects
You may not be totally into spirituality but you should develop habits to enable good mental balance, improve concentration, Yoga. This is very important because 50 % of your treatment might involve counselling, assuring, elevating the mental status of the patient. Having a strong mind helps a lot in this aspect.
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a. Read spiritual and self help books – 

Meditation And Spiritual Life
Gospel Of Sri Ramakrishna
Complete Works Of Swami Vivekananda are a few good examples.

b. Practice at least few minutes of Yoga and Pranayama
Helps you to find your center. Helps you to have a well balanced and highly concentrated mind.

In a clinical practice, an Ayurveda doctor comes across many mental challenges –
Low patient turnout in the beginning
Lack of trust with the initial patients
Non co operating clinical staff
Patients with mental health disorders – almost every patient these days will have underlying stress that seeks for healing words of the doctor.
In the allopathic community, doctor’s suicide rate is unreasonably high. (source)

So, it helps for the doctor to have a spiritual practice at home which enables him to cope up with all the professional and personal pressures.
Stress Causes, Types, Tips On How To Handle Stress

Clinical learning

2. Clinical learning –
Having a good clinical knowledge is also equally important. Learn a variety of subjects such as Marma therapy, Panchakarma, Prescription medicines etc.

So, a perfectly concentrated mind along with sound clinical Ayurvedic knowledge will put you in the fast track path of success in Ayurveda.

This is true in any professional field of work. Having a well balanced, spiritual oriented mind is as important as having a sound technical subject knowledge.
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