Sour Vada – Kanjika Vataka Classical Appetizer Food Recipe

Article by Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD.


We find few special food preparations in traditional houses or village side hotels where they prepare special dishes taken out of ancient Ayurveda text books. Instead of developing inclination towards artificial, chemical added foods, it is wise to adopt these special foods in our diet. Sour Vada is one such delicious dish. 

Vada with tamarind soup – an age old Indian recipe is explained in Bhavaprakasha nighantu.
Traditional name – Kanjika Vataka
Classical Reference: Bhavaprakasha nighantu – Kritannavarga / 59 – 60

Classical reference

Method of preparation

Freshly obtained de-seeded tamarind fruit pulp is cooked with small amount of water (say double quantity).
It is mixed with four times water and macerated well.
According to taste mustard powder, salt, turmeric, pepper, clove etc can be added. Later the Vada (black gram or green gram) is dipped in this for 30 – 45 minutes.
In fact, this can be once again heated before serving.

Qualities, Indications

Qualities: Ruchya (appetizer), Deepana (carminative), Vatanulomana (anti flatulent)

Indications: It is useful to the individuals who are suffering from abdominal distention, reduced amount of bowel, gurgling of stomach, people with severe hunger etc. This is good for people with anorexia.
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As tamarind is Pitta aggravating nature it is to be avoided in Pitta constitution individuals. Also, better to avoid it in the patients with ulcers, GERD, haemorroids etc.
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In Gujarat similar preparation is being practiced in road side kitches (Daaba) in the name of Katka.There sour soup of tamarind is added to the different layers of bread – Sevu – groundnut and vermicelli of the Besan.

This is the evidence to say how the food take modification in due course of time based upon the liking of the people nearby!
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