Varuna Mudra Method, Benefits

The little finger represents the water element – Jala mahabhoota. Varuna is the God of rains and water, as per Hinduism. Hence this hand gesture is called Varuna Mudra.  and hence this mudra is called as Varuna Mudra. 

Mahabhuta involved

agni (fire) and jala (earth) in the balanced state as the tips are joined.


Sit in any comfortable posture with relaxed body and mind. Join the tips of thumb and little finger of both the hands. Straighten the other three fingers of both the hands so that they are slightly apart and relaxed. Place the hands on the knees. Concentrate on breathing pattern.


The little finger is completely flexed and the thumb is placed over it across.


  • Regular practice of this mudra helps in the proper circulation in the body.
  • Due to the involvement of jala mahabhoota, dryness of skin can be reduced.
  • The Varun Mudra helps in clear ideation of thoughts, smooth communication.
  • Balances water element in the body.
  • Balances Kapha DOsha.
  • Improves blood and fluid circulation.
  • Improves skin glow and skin health.

Functional factors

  • BELIEF – Have faith. It is a complimentary therapy and can be used side by side with any therapy.
  • MIND – Before practicing mudra, take a few deep breaths, till the breathing is rhythmic and the mind is relaxed.
  • DHYANA (Meditation) – Increases the efficacy of Mudras.
  • BODY – Keep the body relaxed and at ease.



Dr. Smitha Bhat
Alva’s Ayurveda Medical College,
Moodabidri, Karnataka
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