Chin Mudra – Psychic Gesture Of Consciousness: Method, Benefits

The word meaning of chin is consciousness; therefore chin mudra is gesture of consciousness. It is also called China Mudra.  It is a type of Hasta Mudra – hand gesture using fingers. 

Mahabhuta involved

Mahabhuta (basic elements involved): agni (fire) and vayu (wind) in the balanced state as the tips are joined.
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Sit in any comfortable posture with relaxed body and mind. Join the tips of thumb and index finger of both the hands with the palms facing upwards. Straighten the other three fingers of both the hands so that they are slightly apart and relaxed. Place the hands resting on the knees with palm facing down. Concentrate on breathing pattern.


  • The regular practice of this mudra improves energy and stamina.
  • It relieves stress and tension.

 Dhyana Mudra and Chin Mudra –  both are very similar. Only difference is, in chin Mudra, the palm faces down while in Dhyana mudra, the palm faces up, while it rests on the thighs.


  • Mudra should be practiced with both hands.
  • There should be mild pressure between the touching fingers.
  • Keep unused fingers reasonably straight but not rigid; as far as possible do not move the fingers or arms while practicing mudras


  • The best time for the Sadhana is in the morning.
  • Mudras should not be practiced for half to one hour after the meals
  • Mudras can be safely practiced in 15-20 minutes sittings, 2-3 times a day or single sittings of 30 – 45 minutes.

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