Krimigranthi, Jantugranthi Definition, Location, Symptoms, Treatment

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Krimigranthi or Jantugranthi is an eye disorder affecting the root of eyelashes. It is correlated with Pediculi ciliaris and Blepharitis. 


Krimigranthi (Jantugranthi) – Quick look about the disease
Location – Netra – Eye
Specific location – Pakshma-Vartma Gata Sandhi (junction of eyelashes and eyelids) and Vartma-Shukla Gata Sandhi (junction of eyelids and white of the eye i.e. sclera)
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Classification based on the location – Krimigranthi (Jantugranthi) is a Sandhigata Roga i.e. disease occurring in the junction of the eye
Classification based on Predominant Dosha – Krimigranthi is a Kaphaja Netra Roga i.e. caused by vitiated blood
Classification based on Sadhya Asadhyata (prognosis) – Krimigranthi is a Sadhya roga i.e. curable disease
Classification based on predominant treatment / surgical process used in combating the disease – Krimigranthi (Jantugranthi) is a Bhedhya Netra Roga i.e. curable by administration of Bhedana i.e. incision.

Definition, meaning

Krimigranthi (Jantugranthi), definition and meaning
Krimigranthis are small cysts caused by worms (parasites) in the junction of eyelashes and eyelids and also in the meeting place of eyelids and sclera (white of the eye).

Krimi Granthis are small cysts caused by the many types of worms (parasites, microorganisms). The cysts are formed in the vartma-pakshma gata sandhi (meeting place of eyelids and eye lashes) and vartma-shukla gata sandhi (meeting place of eyelids and sclera) when these junction areas are infested with krimis.

Krimigranthi is associated with itching in the mentioned junctions. The worms eat up the mentioned junction areas and enter deep into the eye and also destroy the deeper structures (parts) of the eye in due course of time (if not diagnosed and treated at proper time).


Kandu – itching in the junctions of eyelashes and eyelids (pakshma-vartma gata sandhi) and also in the junction of eyelids and sclera (vartma-shukla gata sandhi), in whichever place the krimis are lodged.

Antarnayanam dushayanti – when krimigranthi is not treated in proper time, the krimis go deeper into the eye and destroy the structures of the eye.

Modern correlation

Krimi Granthi can be compared to –


Treatment of Krimigranthi
Swedana – In Krimigranthi (Jantugranthi), the eye should firstly subjected to swedana (fomentation, sweating, steaming) therapy.
Bhedana – After proper swedana, the krimigranthi should be incised with a sterile sharp instrument.

Pratisarana – After proper bhedana, when the pus and other contaminants have been expelled from the cyst in a proper way, the lesion should be subjected to pratisarana (application) with anjana (collyrium) and madhu (honey) as explained in Anjananamika eye disorder.

Triphaladi Rasakriya –solidified decoctions, confection should be prepared using Triphala (fruits of Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellirica and Emblica officinalis), Tuttha (purified copper sulfate), Kaseesa (Green Vitriol, Ferrous Sulfate) and Saindhava Lavana (rock salt) should be applied over the incised granthi.
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