Coconut Kheer Ayurvedic Method, Health Benefits, Precautions

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD.
Coconut milk kheer is an easy to make Ayurvedic preparation useful in Vata and Pitta imbalance disorders. Its method of preparation with full health benefits are explained in Ayurveda text book called Bhava Prakasha.  

Classical reference

Classical reference: Bhavaprakasha – Kritanna varga/18

Coconut milk kheer

What is coconut milk kheer?
Coconut is made into smaller pieces or grated well or fine paste is made (juice can be extracted). To this cow’s milk is added and cooked well. While cooking ghee and sugar are added and mixed thoroughly. Heating is continued till it is thicker in consistency like kheer or payasam.

Before taking it out of the fire cardamom or saffron or ghee fried cashew nut pieces can be added. This is known as Narikela ksheera payasam or Coconut kheer.

Qualities, actions, application

Qualities: Unctous, cold, heavy for digestion, sweet etc.

Action: Very nutritive (atyanta pushtikara), sexual vigor enhancer (veerya vardhaka), nidrakara (induces good sleep), vatahara and pitta shamaka.

As it is heavy and sweet, recipe should be avoided by the Diabetic patients and patients who are obese and having hyper cholesterol.

But it is well indicated in the individulas who are tired, fatigue and complaining of debility, reduced sexual vigor, low sperm count, low semen volume, loss of sleep, bleeding disorders, excess burning sensation, neuritis etc.


It is not suitable for people suffering with cold, cough, obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes.

It is a good nutritive and hence well recommendable in emaciated individuals and during menopausal syndrome. People with high Pitta and Vata Pitta body types can take it in regular intervals to cool down the body and mind and so as to replenish the tissues. As it is unctuous and heavy it is beneficial to those who are not getting sleep or deep sleep.
Traditional food has answer for several minor illnesses….. digging out the truths is the Herculean task.
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