Dosha Body Type Features As Per Master Sushruta (Prakriti Lakshana)

We all have Tridosha – Vata, Pitta and Kapha in our bodies. Among the three, one or two or all the three together can be dominantly expressed by birth. This natural Dosha dominance is called Prakriti or Dosha Body Type. 

Each Dosha – Vata, Pitta and Kapha imbibes its own qualities into our body and mind.

7 Prakriti

With Dosha combinations there can be 7 Prakritis –

Single Dosha Prakruti
Vata type
Pitta type
Kapha type

Dvidoshaja – Dual Dosha Prakruti –
Pitta – Kapha,
Kapha Vata

Sama Prakruti – all 3 Doshas in equal parts – VPK
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Vata Prakriti

Vata Prakruti – Vata Body Type (Sushruta Shareera 4/64)
Prajagarukanaturally sleeps less
SheetadveshiYou hate cold / coolant food stuffs
Durbhaga Amanorama Akara – unattractive body shape (lack of photogenic body)
Stena – stealing tendency
Anaryaignoble, unrespectable
Gandharvachittaexcessively fond of music
you feel naturally comfortable with summer and hot food stuffs

Sphutita Kara Charanapalms and feet are dry or cracked and dry
Alpa Shmashru Nakha, Keshathin moustache, less nails (low quality nails), less hairs, low quality hairs
Rooksha shmashru, Nakha, Kesha – dry moustache, dry nails, dry hairs
KrathiKrodhi – violent, short tempered
Dantakhadigrinds teeth
Adhrutifearful, lack of courage
Adhrudhaunstable (mind and body), wandering
Sauhrudacan make friends
Krusha Purushalean, dwarf
Dhamanitataprominent veins
Pralapi – talks excessively
Drutagati Atana – walks fast, talks fast
Anavastita Atma – Chanchala Chittaunsettled soul, thinks excessively,
thinks various aspects at a time,
changes decisions frequently

Gacchati Sambhramena Suptahagoes for roaming in the skies during sleep
dream of flying, skies, clouds, vacuum etc
Avyavastita, Atichala Drushtivision is not stable, eyes move all the time
Manda Ratna Dhana Sanchayadoes not store wealth, ornaments or money
Manda Mitrahas less friends
Kinchideva Vilapati Anibaddha – wailing, moaning, complaining grieving for small matters, incoherently, without any reason.

Characteristics of Vata to resemble those
Jackal – cunning nature
Hare, Mouse (moves fast, thinks fast),
Camel – less hair, prominent bones, lean body, less fat
Dog, Vulture (short tempered)
Crow – hoarse voice, dry voice and
donkey – hoarse voice

Pitta Prakriti

Pitta Prakruti features as per Sushruta
Svedano – excess sweaty
Durgandha – bad body odour
Peetanga – yellowish tinge to body
Shithilanga – brittle body parts
Tamra nakha – coppery red nails
Tamra nayana – coppery red eyes
Tamra talu – coppery red tongue

Tamra Jihva, Oshta, Pani Pada – reddish tongue, lips, palms and feet
Durbhaga – unattractive
Vali – wrinkled skin
Palita – grey hairs
Khalitya – early balding / loss of hairs

Bahubhuk – eats excess
Ushnadveshi – hates hotness
Kshipra Kopa – short tempered
Kshipra prasada – calms down quickly
Madhyabala – medium strength
Madhya Ayu – medium life expectancy
Medhavi – intelligent
Nipunamati – expert, intelligent, sharp mind
Vigruhya Vakta – intimidating while talking, tries to control the argument with his words
monopolize conversation

Tejasvi – has an aura, brilliant
Samitishu durnivara veerya – hard to beat in a debate
Suptaha – Kanaka, Palasha – Butea monosperma, Karnikara sampashet, hutashu vidyudulka – sees yellowish red flowers such as Palasha, lightening, fire, fire meteros etc in dreams

Na Bhayan – no fear, courageous, takes risks
He is never overpowered with fear nor bends before a powerful antagonist ;
Sada Vyathita Asya – afflicted with suppuration in the cavity of the mouth. – frequent oral ulcers, oral thrush

The traits of his character resemble those of a serpent,
an owl, a Gandharva (heavenly musician), Yaksha, cat,
Monkey, tiger, bear, and of a mongoose.
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Kapha Prakriti

Kapha Prakruti as per Sushruta – Kapha Body Type:
Complexion resembles to Indivara (Nilotpala) – blue lily, polished sword or stem of shara grass (good, shining, glowing complexion),
Subhaga – attractive face and body
Priyadarshana – pleasant, friendly to look at
Madhura Priya – fond of sweets
Krutajna – thankful
Dhrutiman – Dhairyayukta – courageous, self control

Sahishnu – tolerant, patient
Alolupa – not greedy
Balavan – strong
Chiragrahi – long retaining power
Drudha Vaira – lasting enmity
Shukla Aksha – white part of eyes are very white

Sthira Kutila Neela Kesha – stable hairs, strong hairs, curly hairs, deep coloured hair
Laksmivan – wealthy
Jalada mrudanga simha ghosha – His voice resembles therumblings of a rain-cloud, the roar of a lion, or the
sound of a Mridanga (drum musical instrument)
Supta – He dreams in his sleep of large
lakes or pools decked with myriads of full blown lotus
Flowers, swans and Chakravaka (Chakra bird)

Raktantanetra – His eyes are slightly red towards the corners
Suvibhakta gatra – the limbs are proportionate and symmetrically developed
Snigdha Chhavi – Oiliness, smooth borders

Satva Gunopapanna – divine, good mental qualities
Klesha Kshama – can tolerate pain, discomfort
Manayita Gurunaam – respectful towards his superiors
Sthiramitra – long lasting friendship
Sthiradhana – long lasting wealth

He possesses faith in the Shastras
Unflinching and unchanging in his friendship ;
He suffers no vicissitudes of fortune,
Makes large gifts after long deliberation,
is true to his word
and always obedient to his preceptors.

The traits of his character resemble those of Brahma, Rudra, Indra, Varuna,
A lion, horse, an elephant (slow walk),
cow, bull, an eagle, Swan.

Dual Dosha Body Type

From the above features, set of features from two Doshas will be more dominantly present in the person.
It is of 3 types – Vata-Pitta, Pitta-Kapha and Kapha-Vata.

Tridosha Body Type

All three Doshas exhibit 1/3rd of features each. This is the ideal type.
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