Insomnia: Causes And Treatment As Per Ayurveda

Article by Vd.A.Rangaprasad Bhat.
Insomnia is explained as Anidra in Ayurveda. It is a problem with low Kapha Dosha and high Vata Dosha. So, all factors leading to these two Dosha stages can cause or worsen insomnia. 


Causes for insomnia as per Ayurveda:
virekaH kaayashiraso:  – Having undergone the purgation and nasal errhine therapies of shodhana category opf pancha karma,
vamanaM – after undergoing Vamana karma,
raktamokShaNam – after undergoing blood letting therapy,
dhuumaH – persons who have undergone the inhalation of medicated fumes of shodhana procedure of Panchakarma,

kShuttRRiT – one who experiences excessive thirst and hunger,
tathaa harShaH – and in those who present with  eroticism,
shoka – or afflicted with depression,
maithunabhiikrudhaH – in persons who indulge in violent sexual activity,
chittotkaThaa – [due to above factors], the mind gets furious
asukhaa shayyaa –  and causes discomfort or difficult in procuring the sleep,
sattvaudaaryaM – [at which time the] satva gets liberated from its control over the mind
tamojayaH – and the tamas occupies the mind.

ruukShaannaM – More so when such persons indulge in foods of dry nature and
vaa’hitaaM – indulge in unwholesome foods,
nidraaM vaarayanti – the sleep gets further deprived,
anuSha~NgiNiim – and thus it becomes habit [of sleep deprivation].
eta eva cha nidraayaaH j~neyaa naashasya hetavaH – These are the causes for the disturbed sleep or insomnia..
kaalaH – the insomnia when becomes chronic and unaddressed becomes the cause for the following health conditions,
shuulaM [vRRiddhi:] – increase in the intensity of existent pain,
kShayo [vRRiddhi:]– increase in the depreciation of the body tissues causing emaciation,
vyaadhi: [vRRiddhi:] – increase in the severity of the existing disease,
anilapittayoH [vRRiddhi:] –  increase in the quantum of vAta and pitta doSha of the person habituated to insomnia.
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Ayurvedic treatment

Ayurvedic treatment for insomnia:
The management or treatment of insomnia is devised based on various factors involved in the aetio-pathogenesis of it.
Kaiyadeva explains about the food to be partaken, treatment to get done and the activities to be indulged with, to beget proper sleep in the following verses.
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shiilayen mandanidrastu – In occasions of disturbed sleep follow [these],
kShiiramikShurasaM rasam –  intake of milk or sugarcane juice or meat soup
aanuupaudakamaaMsaanaaM – water and meat sourced from marshy land
bhakShyaan gauDikapaiShTikaan – sweet cakes [paiShTika] prepared from sugar molasses [gauDika],
shaalidhaanyaani – partake of varities of rice,
madyaani – fermented drinks,
kilaaTaan – inspissated milk,
maahiShaM dadhi
ambhu – intake of water,

aNga udvartana – rubbing or kneading the body in pratiloma [against the hair course] direction
snaana  – bathing,
muurdhashravaNatarpaNam –  shirobasti or karNa pooranam,
chakShuShastarpaNaM – netra tarpanam,
lepo _ shiraso vadanasya cha – application of herbal pastes over the head and face,
pravaate surabhau deshe sukhashayyaa yathochitaa – sleeping in comfortable position in a place getting exposed to breeze from a fragrant [surabhi]area [deshe],
kaantaa baahulata ashleSho nirvRRitiH  kRRit akRRit yataa –  embracing or not one’s beloved partner [kAntA] which ever pleases one’s mind,
manonukuulaa viShayaaH kaamaM nidraasukhapradaaH – indulging in activities pleasing to one’s mind induces an undisturbed sleep,

saMvaahanaM sparshasukhaM chittaj~nairanujiivibhiH – massaging of body provides comfort to the mind through the proprioception,
muShTibhirhananaM pathyaM karairvaa mardanaM sukham – stroking [hanana] with the muShTibhi: [closed fists] is befittingly wholesome to the body and so is kneading of the muscles [mardanaM], both of which provides comfort,
saMvaahanaM maaMsaraktatvakprasaadakaraM param –  massaging the body aids the well being of the muscles along its associated blood supply and skin,
priitinidraakaraM – promotes sleep,
vRRiShya – increases the virility,
kaphavaata  shramaapaham – and mitigates the tiredness by controlling the kapha and vAta doShas.
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