Shooka Dosha: Diseases Due To Artificial Sexual Stimulants, Size Enhancers

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S


Impotence or inability to perform on bed is one of the burning issues of the man belonging to this stressful world. Sex clinics which assure medicines for enhancing the libido have been coming up like mushrooms and is money making trend. People who are low on sex performance would be ready to do anything to get their sex life going on high swing.

Artificial sexual stimulants and penile enlargements and penile strengtheners in the form of medicines, applications and surgical corrections are some of the methods people are resorting to, to enhance performance in terms of quality, quantity and time. While these things seem to work in case of few people but may fail to give desired results in many. On the contrary, they may even cause hazardous side effects, complications, infections and diseases of the male sex organ.

Shy people who are reluctant to go to a doctor and express their sex issues resort to the online products obtained through search engines. Or they may go to quacks who can prescribe them with unsafe medications. Lack of knowledge of sex and sex organs is also a cause.

Sanskrit verse

Shooka Dosha seems to be the oldest reference and description of ‘artificial penile size enhancers’ and ill effects caused by the same explained in any book of medicine.

Meaning, definition of Shooka Dosha

Meaning and Definition of Shooka, Shooka Dosha
Foolish and ignorant people who desire to enhance the size of their penis through artificial methods become victims of 18 types of Shooka Janya Vyadhis i.e. diseases caused due to shooka.

This explains that the artificial methods of penile enlargement and the medicines used therein, especially in the form of application cause 18 types of diseases of the penis. These diseases are called as Shooka Janya Vyadhis. Shooka probably indicates the contaminants or toxins present in the applications used for penile enlargement which produce these 18 types of disorders of penis.


Types of Shooka Dosha –
On application of formulations having shooka (poisonous microorganisms derived from water contaminants) over the penis in order to enhance the size and length of penis, 18 types of Shooka Doshas manifest. They are as below mentioned –

  • Sarshapika
  • Ashteelikaa
  • Grathitam
  • Kumbhikaa
  • Alajee
  • Mruditam
  • Sammoodha pidakaa
  • Adhimantha
  • Pushkarikaa
  • Sparshahaani
  • Uttamaa
  • Shataponaka
  • Twak paka
  • Shonitarbuda
  • Mamsapaka
  • Mamsarbudam
  • Vidradhi
  • Tilakalaka

What is Shooka?

Shooka is a Visha Jantu (poisonous organism or micro-organism) which get originated from the Jala Mala (water contaminants or dirt).

To keep it simple –
Water is the base used for making many medicines especially the medicines used as applications (creams, oils etc). Water may be contaminated by many types of dirt, wastes and toxic contaminants. In these contaminants of the water (Jala Mala), there is a possibility that dangerous and poisonous microorganisms develop. These microorganisms which are present and derived from water contaminants are called Shuka or Shooka. They are highly toxic and poisonous in nature. The sexual stimulants and penile size enhancing formulations or medicines prepared with these Shookas (i.e. water having shookas) are also called Shookas.

Vatsyayana’s Kamasutra

There are many people who have small sized penises. They cannot get sexual satisfaction and they would be unhappy and guilty about their sexual organ and performance. For such people there are many formulations explained in texts and treatises like Vatsyayana’s Kamasutra etc which are claimed to enhance the size of penis and would increase sexual performance. In these formulations there will be predominance of Shookas. Therefore these formulations are also called as Shookas. When these Shookas are applied over the penis, they would cause many diseases (18 types to be precise).

Kamasutra examples

Example of one such preparation from Kamasutra of Vatsyayana which supposedly consists of Shookas is as below mentioned –
The bhasma or ash of Bhallataka Asthi (Seed of Marking Nut, Semecarpus anacardium), Jala Shooka (the microorganisms present in water contaminants), Kamala patra (leaves of lotus plant) and Saindhava Lavana (rock salt) grinded in the fruit juice of Brihati phala (fruit of Solanum indicum) should be applied on the penis which has been cleansed with the dung of buffalo. This application makes the penis thick, stout, long and hard.

There are many such preparations wherein shooka is used in the preparation of the formulations. The author would have identified some medicinal property of Shooka and its role in penis size enhancement when used as a part of the formulation. These formulations might have worked well for some people. But generally it is said to cause reaction on application and cause 18 types of shooka doshas or vyadhis.

Shooka Dosha

Shooka Dosha or Shooka Janya Vyadhi
The diseases caused by application of Shookas (formulations having poisonous microorganisms) are called Shooka Doshas or ‘Diseases caused due to application of sexual stimulants or artificial penile enhancers consisting of toxins or poisonous microorganisms over the male sex organ’. The same diseases are also called ‘Shooka Janya Vyadhis’.

Do all medicines or formulations meant for penile size enhancement cause Shooka Dosha or Roga?
No, only those formulations which have Shooka in them cause Shooka Rogas or Shooka Dosha. The other herbal medicines and formulations not comprising of shooka and used as penile enhancers in the form of applications do not cause Shooka Dosha.

Types of Shooka Doshas

18 diseases are said to be manifested due to erratic and unwisely application or misuse of Shookas or shooka medicines. The application of shookas causes vitiation of one or the other doshas which in turn cause these diseases.

Note – The word Pidakaa used in the upcoming explanation of types of Shooka Doshas correlate to papule (small pimple or swelling on the skin, often forming part of rash). Papule is also defined as a small, solid circumscribed bump in the skin. Pidaka is also used to describe boils or blisters. Pidakas are part of all the shooka doshas. They get manifested over the penis due to application of shooka.

The 18 types of shooka doshas and their symptoms are as explained below.


Pidakas resembling the size and shape of Gaura Sarshapa (white mustard seeds) appearing on the penis due to vitiation of kapha and vata are called Sarshapika. This is caused due to erratic and unwisely application or misuse of shooka medicines on the genital organ.

Sushruta tells that Sarshapika is caused by vitiated kapha and rakta (blood)


Hard Pidakas resembling the size and shape of Ashteelika (Lohakarasya bhaandee = the iron pan used by ironsmith) appearing on the penis due to vitiation of vata are called Ashteelikaa. This is caused due to erratic and unwisely application or misuse of shooka medicines on the genital organ.


Papules or pidakaas resembling granthi (cysts) which appear to be filled with shookas always appear on the penis due to vitiation of kapha, caused due to erroneous application of shookas over the penis, and are called Grathitam. The penis looks like granthi or filled with granthis always.


Black colored (ashubha) papules or pidakaas resembling the size and shape of Jambu Asthi (seeds of Jambu fruit or fruit of Jamun) appearing on the penis due to vitiation of rakta and pitta are called Kumbhikaa.


Pidakaas resembling the size and shape of Alajee Prameha Pidaka (type of Prameha Pidaka or eruption caused due to prameha, i.e. set of urinary disorders, diabetes) appearing on the penis are called Alajee. Alajee is caused due to vitiation of meda or fat tissue following the application of shooka.

Prameha causes papules as complications and these are called prameha pidakas. Alajee is one of the prameha pidaka (which carries the same name as that of alajee shooka dosha). Alajee shooka dosha is named so because of its resemblance with alajee prameha pidakaa. In both cases Alajee is reddish brown in color. A big blister comprising of small eruptions appear in Alajee. Alajee Prameha Pidaka can occur anywhere in the body and is not related to application of shooka. Alajee shooka dosha appear only on penis.


After the application of shooka, when one squeezes or rubs the penis, the Vata gets vitiated and causes swelling of penis. This condition is called Mrudita.

Sammoodha Pidakaa

After the application of shooka, when one vigorously rubs or masturbates the penis, small ulcers are formed followed by manifestation of papules. This condition is called Sammoodha Pidakaa. It is also said to be caused by vitiated Vata.

Sammoodha Pidakaa and Mrudita looks like alike conditions. Both are caused by Vata vitiation and due to rubbing of penis after application of shooka. But the difference is that in Mrudita only swelling of penis is caused whereas in Sammoodha Pidakaa papules are formed.


Multiple elongated pidakaas occurring on the penis due to application of shooka, which break open at their central areas, are called as Adhimantha. They are caused due to vitiated kapha and rakta and are associated with vedana (pain) and romaharsha (horipulation, Goosebumps).


A big rash having the appearance of the bud of a lotus flower, comprising of many pidakaas (papules or boils) caused on the penis, caused due to vitiation of pitta and rakta following the application of shooka over the penis is called Pushkarikaa. 


On application of shooka when the rakta or blood gets vitiated and causes sparsha hani (loss of sensation in the penis) it will be called as Sparshahani shooka dosha. In this condition, there will be loss of sensation in the penis.


Red coloured papules resembling the shape and size of Mudga (green gram) and or Masha (black gram) caused by vitiation of rakta and pitta due to repeat application of shooka over the penis is called Uttamaa.


Due to application of shooka, the vitiated vata and rakta cause many small perforations (like a sieve or filter) over the penis. This condition is called Shataponaka.


The vata and pitta aggravated due to application of shooka over the penis will cause fever and burning sensation along with suppuration in the skin of the penis. This condition is called Twakpaaka.


Blackish red colored eruptions or blisters along with papules associated with severe pain get manifested over the penis following the application of shooka. This condition is called Shonitarbudam.


When the mamsa or muscles surrounding the penis gets contaminated (vitiated) due to the application of shooka, it causes Mamsarbudam (small tumor shaped papules on the penis).


Due to the application of shooka on the penis, the muscles of that area get contaminated following the vitiation of all three doshas. As a result, the muscles of the penis get suppurated. The muscles get separated and start falling off. This condition which is caused by all three vitiated doshas associated with painful symptoms caused by all three doshas is called Mamsapaakam.


The papules resembling abscess formed on the penis following the application of shooka are called Vidradhi. Vidradhi is caused due to the vitiation of all the three doshas. Many types of pains, discharges and color depending on the permutation and combination of vitiated 3 doshas can be seen in vidradhi.


When black colored shookas made up of dangerous poisons are applied over the penis all the three doshas get vitiated. The vitiated doshas cause quick suppuration of the penis. The muscles of the penis get blackened due to suppuration and start falling off. This condition is called Tilakaalaka.

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