Raktapitta Prognosis, Complications

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Raktapitta is a condition in which the blood contaminated with pitta flows out of the orifices of the body, both in upper and lower parts of the body and also through the orifices in the skin. 

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Since Raktapitta is a bleeding disorder, the bleeding should be controlled with efficient treatment and disease modifying medicines. The doctor also should know when to stop the blood and when not to do it. One should also know the limitations of treatment. For this comprehensive knowledge of the prognosis (which condition is curable and which not) and complications associated with Raktapitta is mandatory. In this article I will focus on the above said aspects of the disease.

Sadhya Lakshana

Sadhya Lakshanas (Symptoms of good prognosis) –

  • Eka margam – Raktapitta moving in only in one direction (unidirectional bleeding), especially in upward direction (urdhwa gati raktapitta)
  • Eka doshanugam – Caused by predominance of only one (vitiated) dosha
  • Urdhwaga Raktapitta – Raktapitta which moves in upward direction
  • Balavato – Raktapitta occurring in strong people
  • Na ati vegam – Raktapitta which is not ferocious in terms of quality, quantity and frequency
  • Nava uttitam – Raktapitta which is newly manifested (acute)
  • Sukhe Kale – Raktapitta which occurs in favorable season i.e. Shishira and Hemanta (cold seasons, favorable and antagonistic to raktapitta which occurs due to heat predominant causes)
  • Nirupadravam – Raktapitta devoid of complications
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Asadhya Lakshana

Asadhya Lakshanas (Symptoms of bad prognosis) –

  • Yugapad Margam (Ubhayaabhyaam maargam – Charaka) – Raktapittam moves both in upward and downward direction
  • Samsrushtam Kaphavaataabhyaam – Associated with both kapha and vata
  • Tridoshaja Raktapitta- Raktapitta associated or caused by all three vitiated doshas
  • Mandagnehe – Raktapitta occurring in those having sluggish digestion or weak metabolism as evident by loss of hunger and indigestion
  • Ati vegavat – Raktapitta which is ferocious in terms of quality, quantity and frequency
  • Atimaatram pravartate – Severe bleeding
  • Vyaadhibhihi ksheena dehasya (ksheenasya – Charaka) – Raktapitta occurring in those whose body has been emaciated or become weak as an effect of chronic and long standing illnesses
  • Vruddhasya – Raktapitta occurring in old aged people
  • Kaasamaanasya – Raktapitta associated with cough
  • Anashnatascha – Raktapitta occurring in people who have rejected food
  • Kante sajjati cha api – Raktapitta getting obstructed in the throat
  • Raktam Pashyed Drishyam – All objects and also the sky appears red, bloody red in color
  • Lohita Chardi – vomiting of blood (Sushruta)
  • Lohita akshnaha – reddish eyes (Sushruta)
  • Lohita udgaara – taste and smell of iron in belching (Sushruta)
  • Lohita darshi – all objects are seen red (Sushruta)
  • Upadravaihi sarvaihi yathoktaihi samabhidbhutam – associated with all the complications (mentioned below)

Raktapitta asadhyata based on the appearance and smell of blood –
Raktapitta is said to be asadhya or having bad prognosis when it has below mentioned type of appearances, smell and other features –

  • Mamsa prakshaalanaabham – Meat wash appearance
  • Kuthitam – foul smelling
  • Kardama ambu sannibham – muddy water
  • Meda pooyasra kalpam – as if mixed with fat and pus
  • Yakrud iva – color and consistency of liver
  • Pakwa jambu phalaabham – appearance of ripe fruit of Jambu
  • Krushnam – blackish
  • Neelam – bluish
  • Ati kunapam – smell of dead body
  • Surapati dhanushaa tulyam – Having all colors of rainbow

Yapya Lakshana

Yapya Lakshanas (Symptoms of manageable, maintainable Raktapitta) of Raktapitta –
Raktapitta with below mentioned features is said to be Yapya i.e. manageable or maintainable

  • Dwidoshaja Raktapitta – Raktapitta caused by vitiation of 2 doshas
  • Adhogam Raktapittam – Raktapitta which has downward course (passes in downward direction)
  • Yad wa shaantam shaantam prakupyati – Raktapitta whose bouts recur repeatedly after getting pacified
  • Maargaat maargam charet – Raktapitta whose course keeps shifting from one direction to the other, i.e. the bleeding sometimes occurs in upward passages and direction and at other times in downward direction, from downward orifices (passages)


Upadravas (complications) of Raktapitta
Below mentioned are the upadravas or complications of Raktapitta, whose presence makes Raktapitta asadhya (incurable).

  • Dourbalyam – weakness
  • Shwasa – dyspnea, shortness of breath
  • Kasa – cough
  • Jwara – fever
  • Vamathu – vomiting
  • Mada – intoxication
  • Panduta – pallor of the body, anemia
  • Daha – burning sensation
  • Moorcha – fainting, unconsciousness
  • Bhukte ghoro vidaaha – severe burning immediately after taking food
  • Adhruti – loss of courage
  • Sadaa hrudi atulya peeda – constant intolerable pain in the region of heart
  • Trushna – thirst
  • Koshtasya bheda – diarrhea
  • Shirasi tapanam – increased heat in the head
  • Pooti nishteevanatwam – foul smell in the sputum
  • Bhakta dwesha – aversion or loss of interest towards food
  • Avipaka – indigestion
  • Vikritihi api – presence of abnormal colors and odors of raktapitta as mentioned above

Just Before Finishing –
The Sadhya Asadhyata or prognosis of Raktapitta gives clarity for the physician to categorize the condition and take necessary precaution while treating the bleeding disorders in an Ayurvedic way. They will provide the limitations of treatment strategy. Likewise the presence or absence of asadhya lakshanas and or upadravas will define the curability or incurable nature of Raktapitta. This article highlights the points of good and bad prognosis and list of complications associated with Raktapitta.
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