Indian Mint Plectranthus amboinicus Remedies: Allergic Rash, Dhobi Itch

This article is by Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu)PhD.
Country borage (Indian mint) is popular for its aromatic leaves and is used as a vegetable in many Indian Household. It is used for treating cough, allergy, dhobi itch etc. 

Botanical name: Coleus amboinicus Benth / Plectranthus amboinicus
Labiateae family (Tulasi kula).
Parnayavani or Karpoora valli are the Sanskrit names of this herb.

It is originally found in Malaysia and now common allover India. This is cultivated in kitchen gardens due to its ever green hairy leaves with aroma.
The most important essential principle of the plant is Karvaerole and this is dominantly available in leaves.

The leaves are hot in potency and Pungent in bio-transformation. It is Kaphavata shamaka.
The leaves are used for both internal and external medication purpose.
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Home remedies

Indian mint remedies:

Cough, rhinitis

Leaf juice with honey for cold, cough, rhinitis etc:
Matured green leaves are taken and fresh juice is obtained. To this ,little honey is added and mixed well. This is given for licking, in a dose of 5 – 10 grams once or twice a day, before food. This is effective in the conditions like cold, cough, fever, phlegm, nasal congestion, rhinitis etc.


Warmed leaf fine paste for headache:
The leaf paste is prepared and warmed well over a hot pan. This is applied over the forehead in lukewarm condition. Or it is wrapped in a cloth and fomentation is given on forehead. This relieves headache, sinusitis and nasal congestion.

Allergic rashes, blisters

Leaf paste with turmeric and clove, in allergic rashes and blisters:
4 parts of Indian mint leaves, 2 parts of turmeric rhizome and 1 part of clove are taken and fine paste is made. This is applied over the body surface in the conditions like blisters and urticaria rashes. In herpes simplex also this used by the folk healers.

Abdominal discomfort

Leaf distillate for abdominal discomfort, asthma, food poisoning etc:
Water distillate is obtained from the leaves and this is taken in the dose of 5-10 ml twice or thrice daily. This is effective in abdominal discomfort, asthma, food poisoning etc.

Fungal infections

Leaf juice for fungal infections and dhobi itch:
10 grams of Tankana bhasma is mixed with the 30 ml of leaf juice of Indian borage and fine paste is made. This is applied to the fungal infections and spots of dhobi itch. 5-8 days medication gives good result.

The leaves of this plant are used in Aromatherapy also. Its oil fried curries and culinary is also prepared in Indian houses out of the leaves of this plant. This unexplored vegetable plant has every chance to get mass acceptance if it is popularized and its nutritional values and medicinal actions are explained to the mass.
Consult Dr Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD

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