Aartasya Roganut – Curative Aspect Of Ayurveda

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
If there is a disease, there should be a remedy. This remedy comes in the form of disease-modifying medicine or formulation, ideal diet and essential life-style changes.

The medicines which cure or heal a disease or destroy a disease process are called ‘Aartasya Roganut’ type of medicines.
Aartasya Roganut is a type of Bheshaja (medicine).


Bheshaja or medicine is of two types, they are –

1. Swasthasya Oorjaskara

Medicines which help in protection and preservation of the health in an already healthy individual are called Swasthasya Urjaskara or Swasthasya Ojaskara type of medicines. These medicines help in prevention of diseases and provide long standing immunity and strength. They are predominantly preventive and partly curative in nature.
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Swasthasya Oorjaskara medicines are of 2 types. They are –
Rasayana – Helps in formation of dhatus or tissues in terms of optimum quality and quantity and enrich their essence i.e. ojus (the end product of tissue metabolism which is formed in the form of essence of all the tissues). They can be compared to modern day immune-modulators, anti-ageing medicines, tissue rejuvenators, health promoters and proteins and vitamins.

Vajikarana or Vrushya – Helps in promoting sexual health and in formation of shukra dhatu (semen or reproductive fluid) of optimum quality and quantity and in turn helps in begetting quality progeny who are at their healthiest best. They help in promoting sexual exhilaration and wards off the ill-effects of deficit, deformed, scanty and contaminated shukra. They help in curing sterility and impotence and enrich the virility of a man. They can be compared to the modern day aphrodisiacs.

2. Aartasya Roganut

Medicines which help in curing or eradicating the diseases are called Aartasya Roganut type of medicines. They are used to cure many diseases like Jwara (fever), Atisara (diarrhea), Arshas (piles), Pandu Roga (diseases of the liver, anemia), Kamala (Janudice), Mutrakrichra (dysuria, difficulty in passing urine), Shwasa (breathlessness, shortness of breath, asthma, bronchitis), Kasa (cough), Shiro Roga (diseases of head), Hridroga (heart diseases) etc. They are predominantly curative and partly preventive in nature.

Aartasya Roganut
Artha – means diseased
Roga – means disease or ailment
Nut – means to destroy or pacify
Aarthasya Roganut means ‘that which destroys or pacifies a disease or disease process, which cures a disease’

Points of interest regarding Aartasya Roganut
Medicines, formulations, herbs, healthy diet, lifestyle changes, all can make an effective disease-modifying impact when administered skillfully but since we are discussing aartasya roganut as a type of bheshaja, we will limit the discussion to the medicines which cure the diseases.

Below mentioned are important features of Aartasya Roganut type of Bheshaja –
Aartasya Roganut means those medicines and formulations which cure the diseases. They also pacify or weaken the diseases.
Aartasya Roganut types of medicines are one among the Bheshaja (medicines), Swasthasya Oorjaskara being the other one
Aartasya Roganut are most often (predominantly) ‘curative’ in nature. They are majorly curative and to a lesser extent are preventive in nature.

The Aartasya Roganut medicines terminate or abort the vicious combination of dosha and dushya (tissue) and thus put brakes to the progression of the disease. Dosha Dushya sammurchana or pathological amalgamation of morbid dosha and weak dhatu is a mandatory step in the pathogenesis of a disease. The combination should be broken, the morbid dosha terminated and the tissues strengthened for the disease to totally get cured. Aartasya Roganut type of medicines breaks this dosha dushya combination.

Aartasya Roganut medicines are target specific – Many herbs and medicines belonging to the category of Aartasya Roganut are target specific. Example, Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) and its compounds / formulations act on heart and cure heart ailments. Similarly Pushkaramula (Inula racemosa) for lung and breathing disorders, Vasa (Adhatoda vasica) for bleeding disorders, Rasna (Alpinia galangal) for Joint and soft tissue disorders, Ashoka (Saraca asoca) for menstrual disorders etc.

Inclusions under Aartasya Roganut
The medicines which fall under the below mentioned categories can be considered as Aartasya Roganut type of Bheshajas –

Deepana – Medicines which kindle the digestive fire, increases appetite and rectify metabolism, addresses the errors of metabolism are called deepana. They cure the diseases caused due to sluggish metabolism or due to metabolic errors.

Pachana – Medicines which aid digestion and destroy ama (immature and improperly formed digestive juice or essence which is in circulation, this due to the virtue of its stickiness tends to stick to the wall of the channels and block them). These medicines cure the disease caused by ama.

Shodhana – Medicines and formulations used in cleansing the body and channels (sroto shodhana) of the body. These medicines detoxify the body, cure the diseases and prevent recurrence.

Shamana – Palliative medicines which pacify the morbid doshas and cure the diseases are called Shamana Oushadhas. They are also used as the follow-up medicines after the main course of shodhana or prescribed independently when the disease and or morbidity of doshas is mild to moderate in nature.

Vyadhi Hara – Disease modifying medicines and targeted medicines specific to abort particular pathologies are needed to cure diseases. The Vyadhi Hara medicines are often a combination of the above said categories of medicines i.e. Deepana, Pachana, Shodhana, Shamana along with Brimhana (bulk promoting), Balya (strengthening medicines), Rasayana (rejuvenators and immune modulators) and Pathya (good diet). Along with these, as and when the disease process is aborted and the disease is cured, the disease modifying herbs or formulations are gradually introduced.

Other medicines – The Doshahara or Doshagna medicines (dosha expelling medicines), Santarpana medicines (nourishing medicines which help in destroying the apatarpanotta vyadhis or diseases caused due to malnutrition, depletion of tissues or starving), Apatarpana medicines (depleting medicines which help in destroying the santarpanotta vyadhis or diseases caused due to excessive nutrition or sedentary activities) etc are chiefly included in Aartasya Roganut category

Just Before Finishing –
Classification of Bheshaja or medicines as Swasthasya Urjaskara and Aaartasya Roganut in Ayurvedic texts points towards the expertise of ancient seers and teachers in the precise clinical knowledge. The mention of Aartasya Roganut clearly shows the wisdom regarding the administration of accurate and disease-specific medicines and formulations. This article highlights the ancient wisdom of Aartasya Roganut type of Bheshaja.
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