Dhatu Gata Kushta: Skin Diseases Rooted In Different Tissues

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Skin disorders, called Kushta in Ayurveda are formed due to pathological amalgamation of 7 elements i.e. Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Twak (skin), Rakta (blood), Mamsa (muscles) and Ambu (water content of the body).

18 Kustha types

Kushta is of 18 types.
7 Maha Kushta (major skin diseases) and
11 Kshudra Kushta (minor skin diseases).
They are caused due to vitiation of single or multiple Doshas. 

When the Kushta is not addressed with comprehensive treatments at proper time, they may get localized in the tissues and contaminate them.
Dhatu Gata Kushta is a condition wherein the doshas get deep rooted in the tissues and contaminate them. Each tissue or dhatu presents the signs and symptoms of contamination and thus forms the diagnostic criteria.

Dhatugata Kushta

Dhatu Gata Kushtas – skin disorders situated in tissues:
7 Dhatugata Kushtas are –

Twak gata kushta

Twak (Rasa) Gata Kushta (Kushta rooted in the skin or nutritional essence)
Though Rasa or nutritional essence (nutritional fluid in circulation) is circulating all over the body, its state of being healthy or diseased is manifested in the skin. Therefore the term Twak Gata Kushta is mentioned instead of Rasa Gata Kushta.

Symptoms of Twak Gata Kushta–
– Vaivarnyam – Discoloration
– Roukshyam – Dryness
– Twak Swaapa – Numbness, Loss of sensation
– Roma Harsha – Horripulation, goosebumps
– Sweda ati pravartanam – Excessive sweating

Rakta gata kushta

 Rakta Gata Kushta (Kushta Rooted in the Blood tissue)
– Kandu – Itching
– Vipooyaka – Discharge of foul smelling pus from the lesions

Mamsa gata kushta

Mamsa Gata Kushta (Kushta Rooted in the Muscle tissue)
– Baahulya – Large lesions, thick lesions
– Vaktra Shosha – Dryness of the mouth
– Kaarkashyam – Roughness
– Pidaka Udgamaha – Eruption of boils
– Toda – Pricking pain
– Sphota – Cracks, fissures
– Sthiratvam – Immobility of lesion

Meda gata kushta

Medo Gata Kushta (Kushta Rooted in the Fat tissue)
– Kounyam – Fingers get rot and fall off from the hand
– Gati Kshaya – Lack of movements
– Angaanaam Sambheda – Dislocation of body parts / breaking pain in body parts
– Kshata Sarpan- Spread of patches or lesions
– Prag ukta lingani – Symptoms mentioned in Twak, Rakta and Mamsa Gata Kushta will be present along with the symptoms of this condition

Ashti-majja gata kushta

Asthi-Majja Gata Kushta (Kushta Rooted in the Bone and Bone Marrow tissues)
The symptoms of Asthi and Majja Gata Kushtas are as below mentioned
– Nasa Bhanga – Rotting and falling of nose or nasal bones
– Akshi Raaga – Redness of the eyes
– Kshateshu Krimi Sambhavaha – Manifestation of insects (maggots) in the wound or lesion
– Swara upaghata – Loss of Voice

Shukra-artava gata kushta

Shukra-Aartava Gata Kushta (Kushta Rooted in the Semen or Sperm and Ovum)
– Kushtita – If the sperm and ovum are contaminated with Kushta, the child born after the shukra (sperm) and shonita (ovum) of those couple will also suffer from Kushta or skin diseases. That child will be called as Kushtita.


Prognosis of Dhatu Gata Kushtas –
Twak Gata Kushta, Rakta Gata Kushta and Mamsa Gata Kushta are said to be Saadhya (easily curable)

Medo Gata Kushta caused by dual vitiation of doshas (dwandwa dosha) is said to be Yapya (manageable, maintainable), this probably means that Medo Gata Kushta is curable when caused by a single vitiated dosha

Asthi Gata and Majja Gata Kushtas are said to be Asaadhya (incurable)
Shukra-Shonita Gata Kushta also should be considered Asaadhya (though not mentioned in the treatises) because it is said to carry its footprints in the progeny as genetic disorder.

Just Before Finishing –
Skin diseases are said to be those diseases which do not go away easily. They have a tendency to relapse and revisit. When the disease gets deep located in the tissues, they become complicated and difficult to manage. This article highlights the Dhatu Gata Kushtas and their symptoms.
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