Amba Haldi (Curcuma amada) Remedies: Hoarse Voice, Bloating, Cough

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu) PhD.


Amba Haldi is a well known spice. More used in south India, especially in Kerala. In odd seasons when mango is not available, side dishes, especially chutney is made up of  Mango ginger  (Amba haldi) is appreciated well due to its palatability and aroma. 

Mango ginger looks exactly like the spice ginger, but tastes like raw mango and hence that name is in practice.
It is called Amragandhi  haridra in Sanskrit.
Botanical name is Curcuma amada Roxb.
Scitaminaceae family.
The rhizomes are the usable parts of the plant.

It is hot and spicy character due to which its chutney as well pickles are prepared throughout.
In West Bengal it available in huge amounts. Where as it is cultivated mainly in Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra states.

Even though it is cold in potency, it undergoes pungent kind of bio transformation. So it aggravates Vata, purifies Pitta and balances Kapha Dosha.

The drug is known for its potent carminative, digestive, anti spasmodic and anti histaminic properties.
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Home remedies

Few of the important and simple remedies of Amragandhi haridra are as follows-

Fungal infection

1. Amba Haldi -rhizome paste for fungal infection:
Rhizomes are taken and rubbed well with buttermilk. This paste is applied over the white patches or fungal infections for 1 – 2 weeks time.

Colic pain

2. Rhizome juice along with warm water or buttermilk for colic pain:
Approximately 1-2 gram of the paste is made and it is administered along with a cup of buttermilk or water. This subsides abdominal colic immediately.

As appetizer

3. Sliced rhizome dipped in lemon juice as appetizer, along with food:
Rhizome is taken and made into thin slices. These slices are dipped in lemon juice and salt mixture and kept as it is for 3-5 days.
Later it is taken along with food in 1 teaspoon quantity, once or twice a day. This serves as appetizer.

Anorexia, bloating

4. Hot infusion of the rhizome for anorexia, bloating and gas trouble:
5-10 gram of sliced rhizomes are taken and added to 100-200 ml of hot water. This is sipped during food or whenever the individual gets thirst. This promotes hunger and taste. Burping of the abdomen is subsided effectively by this remedy.
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Cough, cold

6. Amba Haldi juice with honey for cough and cold:
Fresh juice obtained is mixed with honey and licked. This subsides cough, cold, sore throat and hoarseness of the voice.

A medicine may be in the form of food, beverage, side dish or as a spice too. Administration of that particular drug in apt time and with proper adjuvant will bring the desired change.
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4 thoughts on “Amba Haldi (Curcuma amada) Remedies: Hoarse Voice, Bloating, Cough”

  1. Dear Doctor,

    Can Mango Ginger be used for gastritis / Leaky gut syndrome / intolerances ?

    Will it hurt the stomach like pure ginger ?

    I am Vata Pitta type. please advice…

    • It can be used in gastritis and leaky gut syndrome.
      It does not hurt stomach like pure ginger.
      It can be used in high Vata and Pitta.


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