Hymns For Cardiac Ailments, Jaundice, Fever

By Prof. Vd. Rangaprasad Bhat


If one is about to chant a mantra to get relieved of any heart ailment, it is better to do sankalpa like “ I begin to chant the following mantra for twelve times (or quote which ever number of times one would wish to chant), with the intent of begetting cure from the heart disease suffered with”.  
Having done the sankalpa in the above manner start chanting the mantra that which begins as – “anu sūryamudayatāṃ hṛddhyoto harimā ca te |
go rohitasya varṇena tena tvā pari dadhmasi”. The details of this mantra follows in the coming paragraph.

Hymn for cardiac ailments, jaundice

हरिमा नाशन सूक्त :- hṛdroga (Cardiac ailments) & kāmalā (Jaundice) nāśana Atharva sūkta :- 1/22/95-98


The heat or burning in the heart (hṛd-dhyoto) and the associated jaundice (harimā) gets counteracted by the red coloured indradhanush (rainbow) arising from the sun (go rohitasya) getting blown into and around the region of (dadhmasi) the heart. |1.22.95 |

It may be noted, that the Suryagraha in astrology has the influence over the heart, which when weak causes heart ailments and when strong protects the heart. In short the surya graha rules the heart. According to astronomy, Sun is the parent of entire solar system. He is also called the ‘Father of Stars’ According to Hindu mythology the center of all life. force and energy and the giver of Prāṇa Sun is worshipped as Sun God.

It is to provide dīrghāyutvā (longevity), that we send in (blow in – dadhmasi) the a-harito varṇa (not yellowish i.e., red colour – the next of the colour getting mentioned in previous stanza) to cover and spread across your body (heart to be specific). |1.22.96 |

By blowing in and encovering you with  the reddish rays emanated from the body of रोहिणी र्देवत्या२ गावो (a red cow named rohiṇī who is the daughter of kāmadhenu) and the rohiṇī: (red coloured indradhanuś (rainbow) arising from the sun), do we provide you with the essence of longevity. |1.22.97 |

Tail note: According to the rāmāyana, surabhi (another name of kāmadhenu) is the daughter of sage kaśyapa and his wife krodhavaśa (the daughter of dakṣa). kāmadhenu ‘s daughters rohiṇī and Gandharvi are the mothers of cattle and horses respectively. It is this rohiṇī the mother of all cattles gets mentioned in the above verse.

Into the parrots (śukeṣu), the thrush birds (harimāṇaṃ) and the haridraveṣu (dāruharidrā – berberis aristata) do we blow out the harimāṇaṃ (jaundice) from your body. |1.22.98 |
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Hymn for Fever

ज्वर नाशन सूक्त –  jvara nāśana sūkta – (Fever without / with chills related Atharva sūkta): 1/25/1-4
ṛṣi :- bhṛgvaṅgirā;  devatā :- yakṣmanāśan; agni , harimā;  chanda :- 1 triṣṭup, 2-3   virāṭgarbhātriṣṭup, 4 puro’nuṣṭup triṣṭup ||]


Where in over the physique of a dharmadhṛt (virtuousness following) person who worships you (namāṃsi), there in you (agni) enter (praviśya) and do dahana of the ap (āpo adahat) within the śarīra (heating the ap principle). It is understood that it becomes your janitra sthāna (place of origin with in the body). Hey Agni, the one who is aware of the above facts bless us to get rid of the fever from our body (saṃvidvān pari vṛṅgidha takman). |1.25.1|

Hey, Jvara, the one referred by the name hṛḍu (hṛḍurnāmāsi), causing distress to the body (vṛṅgidha takman), who has the qualities of arci (flame) causing dāha (burning sensation) within the body by glowing (yadi vāsi śoci:) as like the fire seen glowing over his desired fragments of wood devouring the woods (śakalya eṣi yadi vā). We understand that it (body) is your birthplace (te janitram). Hey hṛḍu, who is self aware, (samvidvān) that you are the principle of agni deva – the causer of harita (jaundice) (hṛḍurnāmāsi haritasya deva sa), bless us with health by exiting from our body (pari vṛṅgidha takman). | 1.25.2 |

Hey, jvara, the one who inflicts sorrow to the life and the entire physique by causing intense warmthness (yadi śoko yadi vābhiśoko yadi vā); we understand that you are the son of lord varuna (yadi vā rājño varuṇāsyāsi putra:) who punishes the persons following adharma. Hey hṛḍu, who is self aware, (samvidvān) that you are the principle of agni deva – the causer of harita (jaundice) (hṛḍurnāmāsi haritasya deva sa), bless us with health by exiting from our body (pari vṛṅgidha takman). | 1.25.3 |

Hey śītāya takman who causes fever with chills accept my reverence. And my revernce eqaully to rūrāy śociṣe takman (the fever caused by the extreme warmthness). I do express my reverence to anyedhyuṣka (quotidian type of intermittent fever), ubhayedhyuṣka (tertian type of intermittent fever) and tṛtīyaka (Quartan type of intermittent fever) named takmans. |1.25.4 |
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