How To Prepare For PG Entrance Exam Of Ayurveda?

If you ever want to do post graduation in Ayurveda, it is best to do it through PG Entrance test.  Here are a few important steps in your preparation. 

1. Start reading very early:
There are some Ayurveda colleges, which encourages studying for PG entrance from the very beginning of internship.

2. Collect as many previous year question papers as well and be ready with it.
Here is a good list of previous question papers –

2. Join some PG entrance coaching class, if it happens in your place.Here is a good list
PG entrance coaching center in Koramangala, Bangalore:  more details here –

More center information here –

3. Make a small group of 2 – 3 friends and study together, especially Samhitas.
4. Read all the three Samhitas word by word entirely.

5. While reading Samhitas, think of which of those aspects may come as multiple choice questions and write them.

6. Mug up all botanical names, 3 – 4 paryayas of all herbs with family names.
7. Mug up all shodhana and marana process and chemical names of Rasashastra dravyas.

8. Try to write  at least one mock entrance paper every week, with a timer. This makes you more ready for the exams.
9. Here is the list of useful books for PG entrance preparation:
Prasna Vikalpa – available in amazon here (aff)

Some more book suggestions here –

7 thoughts on “How To Prepare For PG Entrance Exam Of Ayurveda?”

  1. Hi, good morning.I am very interested in getting your books, but I do not speak English well. They could be obtained in Spanish. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi, both GAMC and Sri Sri are good. Make a choice and start.
    You can join Prastuta academy while in GAMC.

  3. Sir i am in 12 now and i want to fight Ayurveda as well as neet which are the best book for Ayurveda and also chemistry and physics level are same in both meet and Ayurveda and me more thing is reading Ayurveda is easy than MBBS and is neet complsry for Ayurveda exam

    • Hi, to get into Ayurveda, you need not study anything about Ayurveda. concentrate on NEET.
      I am not sure if NEET is compulsory for Ayurveda.


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