Selling Ayurveda Products In Amazon Website: Importance, Procedure

In the online business segment, in India, amazon India is emerging as a clear winner. It is imperative for Ayurvedic pharmacies to have their presence on Amazon website.

So if you have facility to courier your products directly to customers, consider listing your products in Amazon.


Advantages of listing products in amazon website:
1. While buying any healthcare products, there are good chances that your product is shown as suggestions, encouraging the customer to buy your product.
2. When the customer searches for “Ayurvedic shampoo”, in the list of many products, your product will also be shown.

3. If your product is really good, it will eventually get good star ratings. More the star ratings, more the popularity of the product. More the chances of ordering and re-ordering by the customers.
4. Many of Himalaya products, Sri Sri Ayurveda, Vasu healthcare, kamadhenu, Organic India, Khandige organics etc products are already available in Amazon.
So, earlier you enter the marketplace, better for you.

Basic requirements

Pharmacy should be GMP certified.
Should have facility to courier / ship products directly to customers.
Should have a tie up with local courier / postal service to send products easily, without any hassle.
Good accounting, invoicing systems in place.

How to list the products? 
Here is the link for basic rules and procedure.

Few tips and tricks

Do not list all your Ayurvedic medicines. You may end up with inventory management problems.
List only those which you can courier without fuss. Example, many liquids are not so easy to send via courier / postal service.
As a first step, list only those which are more of generic nature such as hair wash powder, body cream, soap etc.

Avoid hardcore Ayurvedic medicines:
You can list Ayurvedic medicines under personal healthcare segment. But make sure to avoid bhasma preparations etc hardcore medicines which would be dangerous for the patient if he self medicates with it.
It is also important to note that Amazon does not like listing hard core medicines in it, due to legal troubles.

Some categories

I have not seen even a single Ghritha medicine. If you can introduce them to amazon, you will have edge over other companies. 
I have not seen much of Arishtas and asavas in amazon website. So, if you plan to introduce them to amazon, do not introduce them first. They may reject because of alcohol content.

Have patience:
You may have to go back and forth with amazon executives to get your products approved for selling. The whole process may take 2 – 3 months. But persevere and be patient.

Organic Advantage:
If your products are certified organic, then the chances of approval by amazon is more and faster.

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