Indian Sorrel Home Remedies: Backache, Diarrhea, Bloating

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD


Changeri is commonly known as Indian Sorrel. It is commonly used for the treatment of  abdominal distention, chronic indigestion, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, etc.  

Botanical name – Oxalis corniculata Linn
Oxalis means a source of oxalic acid and corninculata refers ‘having horn like appendages’.
The plant is a small shrub growing in moisture rich area. The leaves are the usable parts of the plant. The leaves are rich in Potassium and oxalic acid.

It has hot potency and hence provokes Pitta if consumed in large quantities. If the leaves are taken in large amount it may cause constipation; or else it is a very good carminative, digestive, appetizer, cardiac tonic and well known for its anti inflammatory and analgesic effects.
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The leaves of the plant are used in the preparation of chutney and sour soups. People from Kerala and Karnataka state use Indian sorrel as a substitute for tamarind or lemon.

Home remedies

Some of the effective simple remedies of Changeri (Indian sorrel) are –

Anorexia, bloating

1. Indian sorrel remedy for anorexia, bloating:
leaf juice  – 15 ml is added with 30 ml of buttermilk It is consumed once or twice a day, in a dose of 20 – 30 ml, for the treatment of chronic indigestion, anorexia, distension of abdomen, gurgling of intestines etc:

Backache, diarrhea

2. Fine paste of Indian sorrel and cumin seeds for backache, diarrhea:
5-10 gram of Indian sorrel leaves and a pinch of cumin seeds are ground, fine paste is made. This is administered twice or thrice a day. It has good benefits over backache, recurrent uncontrolled bowel habits, dysentery etc

Nausea, belching

3. Sour soup of Changeri for nausea and burping:
10-15 grams of Changeri leaves and 3-4 leaves of lemon are taken and cooked well with sufficient amount of water. To this 3-5 gram of pepper powder and quantity sufficient salt is added and mixed thoroughly. This is served while taking food.
If necessary, as per ones liking, a teaspoon of ghee can be added. This helps to pacify nausea and burping.

Abdominal pain

4. Fresh juice of Indian sorrel for abdominal pain:
In case of recurrent gaseous distension of abdomen and colic pain this recipe is very useful. 15 grams (a fist full) of leaves of Changeri are crushed and fresh juice is extracted. This tis, one pinch of each of turmeric powder, rock salt and soda card are added, mixed well. As per need, this is mixed with buttermilk or lemonade (sharabath) or water, and administered. It relieves the complaint by 20-30 minutes and there after suitable medicines can be continued.

Medicine is not necessarily in the form of table , decoction, powder or syrup. Medicinal values can also be expressed in the form of Chutney, juice etc. Several herbs have their medicinal role as an ingredient in culinary items and Changeri or Indian sorrel is one such example.
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