Aragwadh: Purging Cassia Home Remedies: Jaundice, Worms, Itching

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD
Purging cassia – Aragwadha is used for its potent antipyretic (anti fever), analgesic, anti inflammatory, vermifuge, cardio-protective and blood purification properties. Aragwadhadi kashaya, Aragwadharishtha, Aragwadhavaleha etc are used in Ayurvedic therapeutics to treat various disease conditions. 
Botanical name – Cassia fistula Linn.
Part used:
In Ayurveda system of medicine its ripened pod pulps are used as good laxatives. Its stem bark and leaves are equally beneficial.

This is used in veterinary medicines also. Especially in worm infestation, food poisoning, regurgitation, distention of abdomen, constipation, strangulation of intestines etc.
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Home remedies

Important simple remedies and their health benefits are explained here below-

Ring worm infection

1. Fresh leaf paste for ring worm infection and itching:
A fist full of mature fresh leaves are collected and fine paste is made without adding water. This is applied over the skin lesions. This is effective in ring worms and eczema.

Worm infestation

2. Leaf decoction or fresh juice in worm infestation:
20-30 gram of leaves are taken and fresh juice is prepared or else decoction is made. This is given in empty stomach in the dose of 20 ml in children and 40 ml in adults.
5-6 days medication helps to relieve pin worms effectively.
In cattle also this is practiced in higher dose.


3. Bark decoction for constipation and blood borne diseases:
15-20 gram of stem bark is collected, added with 2 cups of water, boiled and reduced to half a cup. Filtered. This decoction is orally consumed to relieve constipation, distention of abdomen and chronic blood vitiation diseases.

As purgative

4. Fruit pulp as a purgative:
3-4 inch of the mature fruit is taken and pulp is removed. It is de-seeded also. To this sweet pulp, if necessary little jaggery can be added. This is administered in the evening hours. This relieves constipation by 2-3 purging.


5. Tender buds and flowers soup for jaundice:
A fist full of tender leaf buds or yellow colored flowers are taken and soup is made (by adding salt, jaggery and pepper). This can be taken in the place of Rasam as a soup, in a dose of 50 – 100 ml.

This helps to restore the appetite (carminative) and increases the taste in the food (as an appetizer).
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Aragwadh, beautiful green tree  when flowers whole plant looks yellow as the leaves are completely shredded during flowering. Village people have  strong belief that exactly on 30th day of Cassia flowering it starts raining. So, this tree is also used as a tool for weather forecasting!
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