Sankhya Shaareera: Count Of Body Parts As Per Ayurveda

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) and Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Particular organs, parts of body and structures have certain counts like 2 eyes, 1 heart, 1 nose etc. Anything less or more than the count is rendered abnormal proportion. Everything in the body should be according to the count, nothing less, nothing more. The numerology of body parts is called Sankhya Shaareeram.
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Sankhya Shareera numbers

Below mentioned in the tabular column are the enumerations of various parts of the body calculated according to the sankhya shaareera.
Antra (intestines) – (large and small) 002
Ashaya (visceral organs) 007 (males)
010 (females)
Asthi sanghata (bone unions) 014
Asthi (bones) 300 (Sushruta)
360 (Charaka)
Bahirmukha srotas (channels which open on the exterior of the body) 009
Dhamani (arteries) 024
Dhatu (tissues) 007
Dosha 003
Jaala (networks, capillaries, nerve plexus?) 016
Kala (membranes) 007
Kandara (tendons, fasciae) 016
Koorcha (brush like network complexes) 006
Mala (excreta) 003
Marma (Vital or delicate points) 107
Peshi (muscles) 500
Rajju (rope shaped strong fibrous structures) 004
Sandhi (Joints) 210
Seemanta (bony ends) 014
Seevanee (suture joints) 007
Siraa (blood vessels, veins?) 700
Snayu (ligaments) 900
Twacha (layers of skin) 006 (Charaka)
007 (Sushruta)
Srotas (main channels of transportation) 022 (11 pairs, Sushruta)
013 (Charaka)
Sira, Dhamanis (branches of blood vessels) 29,956
Kesha, Loma Smashru (hairs, body hairs, moustache) 29,956
Anga (main body parts – 4 limbs, 1 trunk, 1 head) 006


Significance of having the knowledge of Sankhya Shareera
शरीर संख्यां यो वेद सर्व अवयवशो भिषक्।
तद् अज्ञान निमित्तेन स मोहेन न युज्यते॥(च.शा.७/३०)

Acharya Charaka tells ‘The physician who possesses the knowledge of enumeration of body parts will not have confusions and thus can overcome the problems intervene during the procedure of the management of diseases’.

All the organs and structures of the body should be in their assigned numbers. This will form a body with ‘accurate dimension’ which is also a reflection of good health.
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Just Before Finishing –
Pramana Shaareera is a rare gem from the core of Ayurvedic anatomy. It is the mathematics of body proportions and dimensions. It tells us how many and how much each component of the body should be!!

Normal numbers which fall into the range of the given references would suggest optimum health. Therefore it is an important science to know about. This article is a humble attempt of putting before our keen readers the ‘ancient wisdom of body measurements’!!
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