Vata Increase Caused Due to Tissue Depletion: Dhatu kshaya

Dhatu Kshaya means depletion of body tissues. Whenever a tissue is depleted, soon there is increase of Vata Dosha in the body. This can be understood as, a place becoming empty, is filled up with Vata Dosha. Air is compared to Vata Dosha. 

1. When there is menstrual flow, women often suffer from abdominal pain. Pain is a Vata symptom. Here, Vata increases, when arthava (menstrual blood) flows out of the body.
2. Soon after childbirth, there is Vata increase in the lower part the body.
3. Soon after blood loss due to injury causing hemorrhage, there is Vata dosha increase.

Depletion of tissues causes vacant spaces which denote an abnormal increase in the combination of Akasha (space, ether) and Vayu (air) elements (these elements form Vata) in the body. This leads to Vata vitiation. Thus any tissue depletion leads to pathological increase of Vata Dosha. If more number of tissues are depleted, the more the Vayu is aggravated and the more significant is the damage. This leads to manifestation of many diseases.

Pathological depletion of tissues also denotes deteriorating immunity. The essence of Dhatus is told as Ojas (immunity factor). Dhatus (tissues) form the building blocks of the body and their integrity denotes a balanced immunity.

Bone tissue decrease is associated with Vata Dosha. Bone tissue (Asthi) and Vata are inversely proportional to each other. This is why, when Vata increases, then there is bone tissue degeneration, leading to Sandhivata – Osteo arthritis.

Kapha Dosha is directly proportionally related to
Rasa (nutrition in circulation),
Mamsa (muscle),
Meda (fat),
Majja (Bone marrow),
Shukra (semen),
Mutra (urine), Puresha (faeces) and
Ojas (essence of all the tissues).

Hence, when these tissues decrease, then there is decrease of Kapha Dosha, decrease of heaviness of body. Decrease of heaviness indicates increase of lightness, which is a Vata quality. This leads to Vata Dosha increase.

Addition by –
Dr Raghuam Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Among many causes of vata aggravation, dhatu kshaya can be counted as one of most important one.

Dhatu Kshaya means depletion of tissues, decrease and imbalance of tissues. Tissues are building blocks of body. They form anatomical structure of human body. According to Ayurveda, tissues are seven in number. They are –

  • Rasa – lymph, plasma
  • Rakta – blood
  • Mamsa – muscles
  • Meda – fat
  • Asthi – bone
  • Majja – bone marrow
  • Shukra – semen

Balance of all these tissues is very important for health, immunity and endurance of body. Tissues cause many diseases when they are contaminated by morbid doshas, and when they undergo pathological increase or decrease.

Pathological decrease of tissues leads to Vata increase. Thus, vata and tissues of body are inversely proportional as far as their mutual balance is concerned.

Vata increase also leads to depletion of all tissues

Similarly, Vata aggravation also denotes deterioration of immunity. Each tissue is related to one or other dosha in terms of resident and residence relationship.

Tissue forms residence and doshas are residents. Balance between residence and residents compliments in smooth functioning of all functions of body.

  • Bone tissue is related to Vata
  • Blood is related to Pitta
  • All other tissue i.e. lymph, muscle, fat, bone marrow and semen are related to Kapha

This shows that kapha group of tissues are more than other. Kapha, being a representation of water element in body is chiefly responsible for growth, development, nutrition and wellness of body, though all activities are controlled by vata and all metabolic functions by pitta. Kapha, in a state of balance is also known as bala i.e. strength of body. Kapha and kapha tissues provide much needed balance of immunity in body.

Vata and kapha are mutually antagonistic to one another. In this equation, whenever there is increase of vata in body, kapha will be decreased.

Kapha depletion decreases 5 out of 7 tissues of body. This is a big compromise for body. With depletion of kapha tissues, vata will naturally go into pathological surge. There is relative imbalance of tissues and other tissues i.e. bone and blood is also not spared. All tissues are formed by a common factor, nutritional juices supplied to them by digested food.

Ojas is essence of all tissues and represents immune system of body. This is also a kapha element. When vata increases, ojas also decreases with decrease in kapha.

Vata and its residence i.e. bone tissue are inversely related as far as their mutual balance is concerned. When vata increases, bone tissue decreases.

With above said explanation, an increase in vata is seen to have a decreasing impact on all tissues. Vata vitiation also causes tissue depletion.

Thus, tissue depletion causes vata increase and vata increase causes tissue depletion. Vata vitiation also indicates failing immunity and susceptibility of body to many diseases.

What causes tissue depletion?

Tissue depletion may be caused by one or more of below mentioned etiological factors –

  • Foods and activities which are antagonistic to qualities of tissues
  • Foods and activities which increase doshas, especially vata
  • Excessive starvation, exercise, sex
  • Vata increase

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