10 Carrot Home Remedies For Cholesterol, Energy, Piles

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
Carrots are the store houses of energy, health and medicinal values. It is the vegetable of choice for skin diseases, diseases of the eyes, kidney and liver.  

The beta-carotene found in carrots is packed with vitamin A. It is solely responsible for the skin care, eye care as well as to promote the immune system of the body.

Carrot is used to prepare side dishes, sweet preparations, pickles as well as green salads. Its milkshake and fresh juices are also gaining importance in our diet.
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Carrot home remedies

Even though classical Ayurvedic medicines do not not refer any recipes, there are a few useful carrot home remedies that you should try.

For skin glow

1. Carrot fine paste for skin glow:
Fresh carrots are made into fine paste. Little olive oil is added and applied over face. Left on face for 10 – 30 minutes, then washed off. This gives good glow to the face and takes away wrinkles. This helps to make the skin soft and fair.

For constipation, heamorrhoids

2. Carrot leaf juice in haemorrhoids and constipation:
Fresh carrot leaves are crushed to obtain juice. Or leaves are used to prepare salad. This is very effective in constipation. the dose of crushed leaf juice is – 10-15 ml, once or twice a day, after food.

For cholesterol

3. Carrot juice to reduce the cholesterol:
Carrot juice is very effective in lowering bad cholesterol. It also supplies energy to the body and is a very good liver tonic. Dose of carrot juice is – 50 – 100 ml, once or twice per day.

To slow aging

4. Fresh carrot intake along with curd or butter milk or sprouted grains prevents Aging:
Fresh carrots are the best depots of beta-carotenoids. They instantly turn into vitamin A, once it enters into the body. So, intake of carrots along with butter milk or curd or any suitable adjuvant like sprouted green gram etc reduce  the cell degeneration and thus slow down the aging process.

For fatigue

5. Carrot milk shake or carrot sugar candy for fatigue:
Carrot is possessing  vitamin B complexes in significant amount. So, the carrot milk shake helps in cooling mechansim of the body. This helps to relieve the fatigue, lethargy, muscle wasting etc.
Partially cooked carrots are dipped in sugar syrup and  given to growing children who are found with B Complex difficiency.
Carrot Halwa – a semisolid paste / jam prepared with carrot, milk and sugar / jaggery also serves the same purpose.

For gastritis

6. Fresh juice of carrot and Durva (Cynodon dactylon) juice for APD:
Fresh carrot and Durva grass are taken in 3:1 ratio and juice is made (without adding milk). This is taken in empty stomach once daily in the dose of around 200 ml. This is an energy drink, regularizes sugar level and at the most very effective in Acid peptic disorders.

For eye inflammation

7. Carrot seed fine paste application foe stye and inflamed conditions of the eyes:
Fine paste of the seeds of carrots is applied over the stye and other inflamed conditions of the eyes. 3-4 days medication gives good relief.

For vitiligo

8. Carrot and Radish seeds for vitiligo:
Equal amount of carrot and radish seeds are taken and soaked in cow’s urine for 4-5 days. Later, fine paste is made and applied over the lesions of vitiligo followed with oral medications like Khadiraristha/Kanakabindu arishtha, Gandhaka rasayana etc. This gives significant benefits in these conditions.

For liver, digestive disorders

9. Leaf paste or juice for chronic liver disorders and digestive disturbances:
Intake of fine paste or juice of leaf of carrot helps to restore the disturbed gastric functions and to correct the digestion and liver disorders.

For gingivitis, stomatitis

10. Mouth gargling with Carrot juice in gingivitis and stomatitis:
Carrot juice added with little Yastimadhu (Glyccirhiza glabra) powder can be used for mouth gargling. This helps to cure the repeated episodes of gingivitis and stomatitis (mouth ulcers).

In 17th Century English women used to wear carrot leaves on their hat! It is as a substitute of flowers or feathers… What a great honour to carrots!
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