6 Poppy Seed Remedies (Khas Khas): Acne, Insomnia, Headache

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD
Poppy seeds (Khas Khas) are added to bread, cakes, rolls, biscuits, puddings, sweets, cookies etc. They are used in the treatment of mental fatigue, abdominal pain, etc.  

Vernacular names

Hindi name –  khus khus
Telugu name – Gasagasalu
Tamil name – Kasa Kasa
Malayalam name – Kas Kas
Kannada name – Gasagase
Gujarathi name – Khush Kush
Marathi name – Khas Khas
Bengali name – Post
Punjabi name – Khush Kush

The poppy seeds are often sprinkled on top of the dishes. They are also used to garnish or as an adjuvant to farm cheese, cheese, eggs, pie crust, salad, cookies, cakes, bread, pastries, salads, sauce, chikies, chocolates, sandwiches, curries, sliced vegetables, sauces for meat and fish,  and noodles as well.
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Poppy seeds are effective in pacifying the general complaints like thirst, fever, inflammation, constipation, abdominal colic, irritation of the abdomen etc.

As the seeds contain the minerals like iodine, manganese, zinc, magnesium, copper etc they serve as the natural elemental supplements too.

The recent studies have pointed out that the seeds contain Linoleic acid in significant amount; this is beneficial in preventing heart disorders as well as chronic abdominal discomforts.

Khas khas has ability to
Enhance beauty,
Induce natural sleep,
Improve digestion and
Supplement natural nutrients.


 White poppy seeds Vs Black:
Both are same and similar in action. White one is sweeter. White is de-skinned. Black is skin intact.

Poppy seed remedies

Few poppy seed remedies are as below –

For chemotherapy recovery

1. Quicker chemotherapy recovery:
Poppy seeds 1/2 spoon plus 2 badam soaked in milk. Then badam is deskinned. Poppyseeds deskinned badam and flakes of dried coconut kernel (kopra) 10 grams these ingredients are blended crushed in  a mixie. This is excellent remedy to drink once a day for all cancer patients undergoing Chemo Therapy  and suffering from burning sensation from tongue to intestines.

For mouth ulcers

2. Khas khas fine paste in mouth ulcers –
5-10 grams of Khus khus seeds are taken and soaked in a cup of water or curd. This is made into fine paste and applied to the lesions of mouth ulcers. Or this can be used for mouth gargling.

As instant energiser

3. Khas khas milk shake as instant energiser
10-15 gram of khas khas seeds are taken and added to 2-3 cups of milk. This is macerated or churned well. According to the need sugar or jaggery can also be added. This gives instant energy and pacifies tiredness.

For insomnia, headache

4. Khas khas khee / payasam in loss of sleep and in headache:
Khas khas kheer prepared by cooking with coconut milk, sugar/jaggery and little amount of Rava/wheat pieces is very effective in cases like insomnia,heaviness of the head ,head ache etc.

As moisturizer

5. Poppy seeds with milk as moisturizers:
10-20 gram of poppy seeds are taken and soaked in milk. This is ground well to make fine paste. This paste is applied over the face. This serves as a natural moisturizer.

For acne scars

6. Poppy Seed Scrub for comedones and acne scars:
1 spoon of poppy seeds are taken and soaked in curd. This is made into fine paste and applied over the scars, acne marks or over the dark circles. This helps to vanish these lesions.
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Apart from the above said health benefits and simple remedies poppy seeds stand as unique ingredient in the traditional  sweets, chutneys,
Bengali side dishes (eg: Aloo posto, Chachuri,Postor Bora etc),
Maharashtra sweets (Anarsa),
Karnataka sweets (Kanajikai/ Karjige) etc.

Tradition and medicine too have inseparable relations with respect to seasonal festivals and seasonal sweets and side dishes as well.
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