5 Sapota Leaf, Fruit, Seeds Remedies: Dandruff, Mouth Ulcers

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD
The Sapota is better known as ‘chikoo or ‘chiku’. This fruit is rich in antioxidants. The sapodilla seed kernel oil is used as a base for skin ointment and it is one among the emerging business in few developing countries.  

The milky sap of sapota plant is also having medicinal values and it is an efficient remedy for skin warts.
Sapota contains high amount of Vitamin A. Thus it is believed to be a good fruit of priority in old age as it improves vision even during old age.

Significant amount of calcium, phosphorus and iron present in the fruit increase the endurance of the bone tissues. Thus it makes the teeth and bone firm, stable and strong.
As the fruit Sapota contains high amount of dietary fibre, it is regarded as an excellent laxative too.

Vernacular names

Vernacular names of  Sapota / Sapodilla:
Brazil name: Sapoti;
English name: Sapodilla , Bully Tree, Chicle, Chico Sapote, Chiku, Marmalade Plum, and Sapote.
German name: Breiapfel,  Sapotillbaum
Hindi name – Chikoo
Kannada name – Chikku, Sapota
Korean name –  Kkom Na Mu
Malayalam – Chikke
Pakistani name – Cheeku

Sapota remedies

For fatigue, cramps

1 . Sapodilla milkshake for fatigue and muscle cramps:
Being a very good resource of iron and vitamin A and C the fruit milkshake provides enough strength and stamina to the individual. Regular intake of 200-350 of juice or milkshake helps to relieve fatigue as well as muscular cramps.

For dandruff, lice

2. Chikoo seed powder in dandruff and head lice:
Sapota seeds are washed and dried. This is made into fine powder and applied to scalp or dusted over the head. Then the head is covered with a cloth tightly for 1-2 hours. This is useful in dandruff and head lice.
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For hair growth

3. Chiku Seed oil for hair growth and scalp itching:
The sapota seed oil is extracted and mixed with sesame oil in 1:4 ratio. This nourishes the scalp by pacifying irritated skin. Thus it promotes healthy hair growth and prevents hair fall.

For hair wash

4. Sapodilla stem bark decoction in hair wash:
Chiku stem bark decoction is well known for anti microbial properties. It helps to subside itching and dandruff. To prepare decoction – 40 grams of bark powder is boiled with 800 ml water, boiled and reduced to 500 ml, used for hair wash or as last rinse.
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For ulcers

5. Leaf decoction in wound healing and mouth ulcers:
Mature green leaves are collected. 3 – 4 leaves are added with 600 ml water, boiled and reduced to 300 ml. Filtered. After cooling, it is used for mouth gargling as well as washing the wounds. This has proven effect in mouth ulcers and in chronic ulcers.
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Sapota is rich in nutritive values. But it is rich in medicine values too when used as external and internal medicament in suitable form. Also there is intense need to evaluate the other parts like leaf, seed, stem bark etc in various other conditions too.

Sapodilla, raw

Taste – sweet
Properties – light
Potency – cold (useful in gastritis)
After digestion taste transformation (Vipaka)  – sweet
Effect on DoshasVata balancing (relieves constipation)
Pitta balancing (useful in gastritis)
Kapha increasing
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2 comments on “5 Sapota Leaf, Fruit, Seeds Remedies: Dandruff, Mouth Ulcers

  • M M Dutt

    23/03/2017 - 10:47 am

    Can a diabetic person eat this fruit?

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    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

      24/03/2017 - 10:44 pm

      If the blood sugar is under control, then half a fruit per day can be taken.

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