KsharaSutra Treatment: Introduction, Indication, Contra Indications

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) and Dr Manasa, BAMS
Haemorrhoids, Fistula-in-ano and Anal fissures are the common embarrassing and painful problems occurring in the anal region. They don’t even allow you to ‘sit at peace’ for a while. 

They keep on annoying you at all times and also stain your bottom with blood, pus and other discharges. Many people also feel shy expressing these problems and suffer to selves. They are also associated with many other disorders like inflammatory bowel disease, constipation etc.

Ayurveda provides excellent and highly effective remedies towards these ‘anal disorders’. Kshara Sutra is the best among them.

Kshara Sutra is a minimal invasive Ayurvedic Para-surgical procedure and time-tested Ayurvedic technique in the management of Anorectal disorders. It is safe, sure and cost effective method of treatment for fistula-in-ano, haemorrhoids and other sinus diseases.

Though the therapy has been described in Ayurveda by Acharya Sushruta, Charaka and Vagbhata and has been in practice since centuries, the efficacy of this therapy was re-established by the Dept. of Shalya Tantra (Ayurvedic surgical science), Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and in later period revalidated by scientific organizations like CCRAS and ICMR. This technique is successfully being practiced in India and other countries towards effectively combating the ano-rectal disorders.

Meaning of Kshara Sutra

Kshara means alkali
Sutra means thread

Kshara Sutra means thread smeared or impregnated with herbal alkalis. In this procedure, Kshara Sutra or the alkali thread is inserted and knotted into the fistula, pile mass, sinus in anal region or fistula in anal region and left in place for few days. The alkali, by the virtue of its intense and deep penetrating action and by the virtue of its hot potency, burns the pathological area (cauterization effect) and eliminates them from the base. Thus, Kshara Sutra is supposed to be ‘one-shot’ and permanent remedy for these ailing anal conditions, of course with a good follow up and maintenance.

Kshara sutra comes from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. It is highly effective remedy for these disorders. It has been practiced for ages and has provided relief to millions of people.


Indications of Kshara Sutra –
Kshara Sutra is an effective remedy for the below mentioned conditions:


Contraindications of Kshara sutra
Contraindications of Kshara are the contraindications of ksharasutra. Kshara sutra should not be done in the presence of the below said conditions –

  • Pitta prakopa – Pitta vitiation
  • Rakta kopa – vitiation of blood
  • Abala vata – diminished vata
  • Jwara – fever
  • Atisara – diarrhoea
  • Hrut roga – diseases of the heart
  • Murdha roga – diseases of the head
  • Pandu – liver disorders, anaemia
  • Aruchi – anorexia
  • Timira – blindness, dimness of vision
  • Kruta samshuddha – in those who have been administered with Panchakarma therapies recently (cleansing treatments)
  • Sarvagata shwayathu – swelling all over the body
  • Bheeru – patients who have fear, cowards
  • Garbhini – pregnant woman
  • Rutumati – woman in menstruation (during monthly periods)
  • Udavrutta phala yonishu – displacement of vagina or uterus in woman
  • Ajeerne anne – indigestion of food
  • Shishu – children, infants
  • Vruddha – old aged people
  • Dhamani marma sandhishu – over the arteries, blood vessels, joints and vital parts and organs
  • Taruna asthi – on cartilages
  • Siraa – on blood vessels, veins
  • Snayu – on ligaments
  • Sevani – on sutures of the body
  • Gala – on the throat
  • Nabhi – over the navel region
  • Alpa mamsa desha – over the areas of body where there is less muscles or less protected by muscles
  • Vrushana – over the testes
  • Medhra – over the penis
  • Srotas – in the passages of the body (orifices)
  • Nakhantare – into the interior of nails
  • Aksha roga – in the eye diseases (except diseases of eyelids)
  • Sheeta – on cold days
  • Varsha – on rainy days
  • Ushna – summer
  • Durdina – cloudy days

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