6 Durva Grass Remedies For Burning Urination, Nasal Bleeding

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
Durva grass (Cynodon dactylon) is also known as Bermuda grass and it is considered as a sacred plant in India. Hindus worship Lord Ganesha with this grass. 

Durva grass is rich in calcium, phosphorus, fibre, potassium proteins, carbohydrates, magnesium etc. It is sweet in taste and works as an astringent tonic and  coolant of both body and mind.

The studies have revealed that constant intake of leaf juice promotes the immunity at the large. It has cooling effect as well as antisteptic property and hence useful in several gynaecological disorders too.
Several health benefits can be derived out of this grass and are discussed here below-

For burning micturition

1. Leaf juice in burning urine, bleeding from urethra, acid peptic disorders etc
A fist full of leaf or whole plant is taken and washed thoroughly. This is crushed well and fresh juice is obtained. This is administered in the dose of 5-10 ml three times a day. This pacifies all kind of burning problems, bilious conditions and acid peptic disorders.

For debility

2. Decoction (Kashaya) of the whole plant in bilious headache, debility, fatigue:
Whole plant of Durva grass is collected – powdered. 1 tablespoon is added to 2 cups of water, boiled and reduced to half a cup. Filtered. This is administered in a dose of 30 – 50 ml, laong with half a teaspoon of sugar or jaggery. It relieves headache, debility and lethargy.

For skin diseases

3. Durva oil in skin diseases and dandruff:
25 gram of durva grass is crushed and fine paste is made. To this 100 ml sesame oil and equal quantity of water is added and oil is cooked till only 80 – 90 ml of oil remains.
This is filtered and stored.
This oil is very much useful in itching skin lesions, dandruff, eczema etc

For gastric ulcers

4. Durva juice with milk in Acid peptic disorders and gastric ulcers:
Fresh Bermuda grass is taken and crushed well with cow’s milk, Filtered. Juice is collected. This is administered in empty stomach in a dose of 10 – 20 ml, once or twice a day before food. This is used as a remedy for gastritis, hyperacidity, gastric ulcer and heart burn.
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For allergic rashes

5. Durva grass for allergic rashes in children:
A fist full of Burmuda grass is taken and crushed a little. This is soaked in water for 1-2 hour and filtered. This is administered to children in a dose of 5 – 01 ml, once or twice a day, to treat allergic rashes, tinea infection and such other skin disorders associated with itching. etc.

For nasal bleeding

6. Fresh juice with ghee in nasal bleeding:
Fresh juice of durva grass is taken by crushing the leaves. Filtered. Mixed with little ghee. This is used as nasal drops 2 – 5 drops to each nostril. This is useful to stop nasal bleeding.
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2 thoughts on “6 Durva Grass Remedies For Burning Urination, Nasal Bleeding”

  1. Durva Grass Remedies are very useful. After administering all allopathic methods, I have suggested this grass kashaya to a bed ridden person with fully blocked urine output. Within few hours, more than 01 ltr of urine came out and the swelled body has restored to normal condition. This is my experience with Durva Grass. Thank you for reading my experience with Durva grass.


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