Ash Gourd Remedies For Memory, Gastritis, Kidney Stones

By Dr.M.S. Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
Ash gourd (winter melon), called as Peta in Hindi, is a vegetable which is appreciated as best among the fruit vegetables(Valli phala) growing in the creepers in Ayurvedic literature. Due to its potent ability with respect to memory enhancing effect(medhya), soothing properties (prasadana), bulk enhancing effect (brimhana), diuretic effect (mutrala) and aphrodisiac benefit(vrishya karma) it can be advised safely in all the age group irrespective of the gender. 

Further to specify hardly in very few cases this is contra-indicated.

However no doubt that it is a vegetable which is appreciated by all and even most part of the vegetable world also.
In addition to this ash gourd is used to prepare various sweet preparations too….important ones to mention like Kashi halva, Petha etc


Yes, even though other few important notes are also found regarding its utility like in the purification of metals, minerals and toxic elements in Rasashastra texts, details of those are beyond the scope of this write up.
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Here are few multiple utilities of Ash gourd as home remedy and simple remedies-

Remedy for dysuria

1. In cases of Dysuria (difficulty in urination)-
100 ml of fresh juice of ash gourd is obtained and to this 10 gram of organic sugar candy is added and dissolved. This is administered 3-4 times in a day.
Within a day burning sensation is relieved.

Remedy for memory loss

2. In memory loss, loss of sleep, fatigue, muscular cramps etc-
50 ml of fresh juice is mixed with one teaspoon of ghee and a pinch of fine powder of liquorice (Yashtimadhu).
This is taken early in the morning in the empty stomach,after proper evacuation of the bowel and urine.
This can be practiced for 2-3 months period,daily or else after one month it can be taken once in two days or three days.

Even the people who are on anti epileptic treatment can also consume this for added benefits;it helps to overcome the untoward effects of sch drugs also.

Remedy for burning sensation

3. Burning chest –throat and in extremities-
Ash gourd is cooked well and on maceration, juice (decoction) is obtained. To this 5 gram of organic jaggery (or sugar candy) and a pinch of cardamom are added and mixed thoroughly.This is consumed(100 ml) twice daily, preferably during day time.

Remedy for urinary problems

4.Urinary calculi and burning urination(Seed recipe)-
50-60 ash gourd seeds are obtained and dehusked(it is not mandatory to dehusk). To this sweet butter milk(200 ml) is added and churned well.
Equal amount of water is added and given to drink. This can be given twice daily.

5-6 days medication with this home remedy shows significant benefits in the above said complaints.Also good appetite, taste in the food are achieved and pre-existing bloating of abdomen if any also relieved.

Remedy for mastitis

5. Mastitis and Lymphaedinitis (Flower recipe)-
In this condition, 5-6 flowers of ash gourd are collected and fine paste is made.To this turmeric and tamarind leaves (say 5 gram each) are added and pounded well (some add fried asafoetida also, which I usually do not advice as it may cause burning sensation in few of the individuals).
Hence obtained fine paste is applied over the affected area.
3-4 days’ medication gives good result.

Here after Ash gourd will not remain not only a vegetable of choice but also a source of multiple home remedies.
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